Thursday, September 6, 2012

Random Thursday: Feel Good Movies (Not The Dirty Kind)

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This weeks topic is:

As fun as this topic is, it was SO damn hard for me to narrow it down. For real guys, I could've gone on forever with a list of movies that I tune into when I need a pick me up. Who's a movie buff? This girl *points to self* that's who! So much so that I'm even hosting a Movie Night Swap...ok, sorry, last time I plug it into a post (again). Promise. Maybe.

Alright, so these are the top 6 movies I put on when I'm feeling down & need a good laugh or just something to make me feel better.

The Wedding Singer: A cute ass love story, rockin' 80's music, crazy stupid fashion, and a fantastic wedding planning montage? I'm in!

Pineapple Express: If you don't think this movie's hilarious it's probably because you haven't watched in the right state of mind. No lie, I know almost all of it by heart.

Fools Rush In: Ever want to know what my family's like? Just watch this movie. Rusty thought he was attending a wedding the first time he came over for a family dinner, yeah, there's A LOT of us. Our favorite quote has to be "the white people are melting out here!" when they're out on the lake for 5 de Mayo. White people really do burn easily. I have to carry around SPF 65 for Rusty everywhere we go.

RockNRolla: This movie has so many big names in it, it's hard to believe I'd never seen it til about 3 years ago. Great story line, cool English accents, Tom Hardy playing a gay dude, and Thandie Newton & Gerard Butler dancing together. Also, that's totally where I got my smooth dance moves from.

National Lampoons Vacation: I love all of the 'Vacation' movies but seeing as this one's the original, it's the best, IMO. You gotta love creepy cousin Eddie & his homemade ketchup.

Just Go With It: Never would I have imagined these two stars making a good movie together but they did. I didnt see it in theaters, which I'm now bummed about, but I make sure to watch it every time it's on TV, even if it's halfway through. Jennifer Aniston in a bikini? Damn, I wish I looked that hot. Brooklyn Decker ain't got shit on her.

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  1. Great choice! I love Fools Rush in, too =) And if you love Rock'nRolla, I'm sure you will go for Snatch and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Snatch has Brad Pitt as a mumbling boxer and the other film ist just as great. You gotta hand it to Guy Ritchie: apart from his private life, this guy rocks! =)

  2. Moves! I just can't get enough! Could watch movies all day every day!

  3. MMM. Gerard Butler is the epitome of hot. I can see why you like that movie ;) What a great list! The Wedding Singer is such an amazing classic!

  4. I love Pineapple Express. But honestly, I love Superbad even more. That movie never gets old!

  5. Wedding singer! Remember what Drew Barrymore used to be like in "Haven't Been Kissed" and "Ever After"? She's changed quite a bit, but I still love her.

  6. Oh, I love the Wedding Singer. Particularly Steve Buscemi. Pure class. You're making me want to watch Rocknrolla again - I barely remember it!

    Excellent choices. Excellent.

  7. I LOVE the Wedding Singer and, surprisingly, I enjoyed just Go With It - although I enjoyed the original so much more. The original is called Cactus Flower and starred a very young Walter Matthau, and a very very young Goldie Hawn. Great old film!

    Have a fabulous weekend!!

  8. One of my fav movies of all time is Christmas Vacation. I laugh so fucking hard every single time and everyone looks at me like I have a serious disability. Which, I totally don't, it's just fucking hilarious. And Pirate Radio. I can watch that on repeat.

  9. Just Go With It is so good. I really like it and it's a movie I can watch over and over again. I know that some people don't like Jennifer Aniston but she is great in rom-coms.

  10. Oh WOW! I looooooooooove Pineapple Express! Such a fantastic movie!!

  11. i love the wedding singer! and the soundtrack :)

  12. Ok, I seriously am now feeling a huge amount of pressure for the movie swap. Fingers crossed I meet your xpecations...set 'me low to help me out. ;)


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