Thursday, September 13, 2012

Random Thursday: Fave YouTube Videos

Welcome to Random Thursday!

You guys have no idea how much fun  Em, Sarah, and I are having hosting this link up on weekly basis. Not only does it give us something to write about but we also get to check all of you guys out. We hope you're all having as much fun as we are!

This weeks topic is:

Most All of the online videos I end up seeing are shown to me by Rusty. Dude sniffs out these hilarious videos like some kind of hound-dog, for real. Thanks for the laughs, love!

Oh yeah, you've just been Rick-rolled, Mad Men style.

It doesn't get any cuter than these two kids. Look at those round ass heads!

This is EXACTLY how I'd react; "oh my god, I was gonna cut your dick off!"

It's like she's in my head!

And, there's nothing funnier than watching stupid people epicly fail. Makes me laugh every time.

* * * * * *

We'd love it if you joined us & showed us your Favorite YouTube Videos. Come on, give us something to laugh at during lunch!  It's lots of fun & as a bonus you get to meet lots of cool bloggers.

Next weeks topic: My Fall TV Lineup...


  1. Love your link-up! You are awesome!
    And I loooove that Mad Men video! :)))

  2. Jenna Marbles is hilarious ... her how to trick people into thinking you are really good looking video is hilarious:) Damn I can't watch these at work ... can't wait to tune in tonight!

  3. I think I have a new girl crush on Jenna!! She's hilarious!

  4. Loved the mad men compilation - really awesome! Still, it makes me wonder who has so much time to waste ;-) And I realized that I did so many things like that in the car, too (only when I'm alone, though - ha ha!) Didn't have really cool material to join today, but really looking forward to next week! xo

  5. Just know that I wanted to play along, but my blog is being lame and not showing the videos. boo.

  6. Nice pick of videos. Jenna Marbles is wicked I have seen almost all her Youtube videos and she is soooo funny.


  7. I remember Charlie Bit My Finger. Too adorable. My friend showed me Tyler Oakley. I need to watch him more, but he's pretty hilarious. I follow him on Tumblr too. :)


    p.s. I'm curious to see your Fall TV Lineup. so many great shows coming back or starting up!

  8. You know how I feel about Jenna Marbles. That is many reasons of why I love you!

  9. That Jenna Marbles video is awesome. I always think when I see someone jogging, "I should be doing that...Ha. Never mind...They look cold."

    When Scott sees girls out jogging, if they're not in mad, crazy shape, he laughs and says me, "Um, yeah, she should probably keep running."

    And here his wife can barely run a mile. He's mean.

  10. Ok the epic fail video is hilarious. I admit i did not make it through it all, but funny still! Also, loved the what girls do in cars video! I think it's hilarious. Might be even funnier if she got stuck in traffic!


  11. 'Charlie bit my Finger' is definitely a fave-o-mine... the accent makes it aaaaand I'v seriously spent my entire blogging career {3 years} looking for a fellow social working bloggette! my search is finally over! HOORAY!

  12. love these videos!! Jenna Marbles is definitely one of my favs :)

  13. "Charlie Bit Me" is totally in my top 5 all time favorite youtube videos! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it! hahaha! Ouuuuch chawwwleeeee!


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