Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Politics: They Brings Out The Crazy

I've never cared much for politics. They're as boring as Dr. Phil is ugly and they bring out the worst in people.

Granted, everyone has the right to voice their opinions but when the insults start flying & name calling  happens, that's about the time people need to be told to shut the fuck up. I was on twitter & FB the other day when that political convention thing was on TV and people were actually stating that family members were now at war because they hadn't agreed on what was said.

Really? You're going to fight with a family member over something as idiotic as that? Stupid.

The other day while I was at the bank this random old dude starts talking to me about how shitty it is that the economy's in the crapper & how bummed he is that so many people are out of work. Being the nice gal that I am, I simply nod & say "yep, it's a shame", and then graciously give him the cold shoulder by playing on my phone. Well, I guess in this dude's head that meant it was alright for him to go off on a tyrant on his opinions of the President; how he thinks he's moron, how he'll be voting for anyone other than him in this election, and how everything that's wrong in the world is all HIS fault.

Old dude was passionate, for sure. But, you have no clue how fucking badly I wanted the conspiracy theories about there being cameras everywhere to be true because that would have meant this man would have been black bagged & taken away...far away, from me.

In the end, I was polite, he was an old man after all, and I listened to what he had to say but when it was finally time to get the fuck away from the crazy kook I looked him in the face & told him that as much as I respected his opinions, I didn't agree and walked away.

Plain & simple. My point was made.

There was no need to get in this man's face just because I thought he was talking out of his ass. The system is flawed, no one man is to blame for it. It's been years & years in the making & now it's up to us to attempt to fix it. We all know politicians are full of it, the majority of them aren't in it for the little people, so why fight over something their speech writers told them to say?

Like in marriage, we have to learn to pick our fights.


  1. Wow, how very grown up of you! You did the right thing there! =)
    I guess all of those debates get pretty heated in the states - we only get the condensed version of it here, but I can't really imagine what it must be like to see some of those commercials on TV. What is actually content, what is just a good job at selling a "product"? Politics in Germany are rather civilized - to an extent that they sometimes are just plain boring. You don't really get many discussions about politics here, though.


  2. I often say that I'm pro-politics, but anti-politician. I think they all pander to the public trying to paint themselves in the best light in order to get elected.

    Actually, I never paid much attention until after college. Then, I started earning my own paycheck while a few of my "friends" found ways to scam the gov't and go on public assistance. Then, I married a man who wanted to own his own business - not to be wealthy, but because he had a passion for carpentry, and wanted to do it on his own. Then, I realized just how much politics can affect our lives. The Obamacare legislation alone has nearly killed us, and our responsiblity to have health insurance (while we had it before, but now premiums are double and cover half as much) have made it so difficult for us to keep our heads above water.

    I just think that both sides are so stuck on name calling and finger pointing that I'm wondering if they're really looking for a solution, or just who to blame for the problem.

    I do think, though, that if we're not paying attention to what is happening in Washington (and in our states), we as a people, will start loosing freedoms that we often take for granted. It's sad that the games the politicans play are turning the American people off to paying attention to what's really happening behind the curtain.

  3. When faced with someone that won't shut up I put one finger over my lip and whisper a soft, simple "shhhhh" . Then turn my back on them or walk away. Rude? Yes. Effective? Yes. Fun to watch their facial expression? Yes.

    But your way is cool, too.


  4. WEll said! Love how not only are we bombarded with political commercials, news programs, and every stupid person who cares to talk about it even more! Really politics? I get how it's important but i am so tired of it all and care to leave it as a personal decision.


  5. We can't change peoples' minds. Those loudmouths who think they can are just....loudmouths. I support issues, not candidates.


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