Wednesday, September 12, 2012

That's Some Expensive Looking TP You Got There...

If you'd of told me that one day I'd have a giant walk-in closet overflowing with clothes, I'd of laughed in your damn face.

Me, with a walk-in closet, full of clothes? I don't fucking think so.

But, it's true. I do. And, the worst part of it is that I don't wear 85% of it. Seriously guys, there are dresses with price tags, shoes that have only been worn twice, fabulous coats that are collecting dust-balls on the shoulders and hangers full of jeans that for some reason or another fit me perfectly in the store but are all wrong in the crotch or the gut afterwards.

I've thought about tossing out a few articles of clothing, maybe having a yard sale, but my hoarder mentality always takes over & I start to think, "I could totally wear this to that one thing that might come up in about 6 months."

However bad my shopping problem is, it's no where near as bad as these freakin' nut jobs:

Who in their right mind would spend their rent money on a bunch of crap? Where are you gonna keep all that if you don't have a house?

You know those homeless people are totally gonna go savage on all your name brand clothes when you have to hit up that shelter. Truth is, that cashmere sweater you probably paid $800 for  is gonna end up being some bums very expensive toilet paper.

Also, I dont know if I'm just a bad person or what but I couldn't help but laugh at that last girl, crying on the floor, clutching onto the clothes, and saying "I just wanna have nice things," between sobs. Talk about being overly dramatic.

(fyi: this was my pathetic attempt at turning 3 random thoughts into a post. Yeah, a full closet, a new show, and bums using cashmere as TP is what you guys get. Lucky, right?)

edit note:
The original video I had up showing the epic crying fit was taken down by the use & sadly all youtube had left was this cut version. Meh.


  1. I have a lot I don't wear because I live in the wrong climate. However, I'm a bargain shopper, so these aren't horribly expensive clothes going to waste. More like Gap-outlet-clothes-going-to-waste. #firstworldproblems

  2. This was it looks like before they end up on Hoarders with a fridge full of rotting food and dead cats behind their couch.

  3. I love this post! I have to say I am never disappointed when I visit your site everyday!! If you ever need to get rid of anything in your closet you know where to find me...LOL :) Thanks for the video too, and I second that last girl a little overdramatic!!!

  4. I have clothes in my closet that still have tags on them for the very same reason. After we moved I went through & gave an entire trash bag full of clothes to GoodWill, and I still have more clothes in my closet than I will ever wear.

  5. Ya know...as much as I LOVE fabulous clothes...and those Tory Burch boots that are to die for that cost oh, $500...I have to decide...do I want my car repossessed or fabulous boots? And then sure I'll have awesome boots but no way to get to work to buy more fabulous boots. Yeah.

    People are nuts.

    And cashmere as TP. I totally frickin' love that. Ya know how soft cashmere is?! lol

    p.s. can't see the video :( But I'm now interested in seeing that show!

  6. I could only dream of a closet that big and having enough clothes to fill it! Loved your combination of 3 things but couldn't watch the video as I'm lying in bed and it's super early!


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