Wednesday, September 19, 2012

And Just Like That, All Things Were Right Again

While having a romantic drive-thru dinner in our car last night, Rusty & I started chatting it up about the fact the hilarious @ieatmykidzsnack is now following him on twitter (yeah, dude's pretty stoked) and my stupid lack of blogging content & confidence. 

Yes, it true...I'm not always as confident as I come off. Shocking, I know.

So, as I'm pouring my little Taco Bell lovin' heart out about not feeling like any of the bullshit that's floating around in my brain is good enough for all your beautiful corneas to read, dude goes & straight out busts ass. 

Mid conversation toot. It totally happened.

And, in one fluid motion, without skipping a beat, he reaches over to lower the window (considerate, right?) and continues to talk like a bodily action didn't just rudely interrupt my whining.

Being the super classy lady that I am, I sit there with my hard taco in one hand (<- totally not sex lingo) & somehow manage to ask, "oh my god, did you just fucking fart?", in the middle of my dry heave laughter, even though I know he did.

He's a dude so of course he's all whatever about it & shrugs, "yeah". Then like any other natural human being I continue to laugh my ass off because farts are fucking hilarious & I figure there's nothing more epic than your husband farting right in the middle of your #firstworldproblem pity party.

Best of all, he gave me something to write about & I could honestly care less if it's 'good enough' or not.

Farts, lightening the mood since...forever.


  1. Farts are hilarious...Most girls are like "ew that's gross" but I DIE of laughter when I here one!

  2. Anyone who doesn't think a fart is funny isn't human. Love this post darling!

  3. Hahaha! Brilliant - farts are funny. Not sure why ... they just are!

    Glad to see someone else has similar #firstworldproblems ... never feeling like you are good enough, funny enough, interesting enough ... it's worse when you blog too because you can see exactly who is tuning in (and who is not tuning in) to the old blog.

    I try not to look at how many page hits I get because it is directly proportional to my mood!

    Happy hump day:)

  4. Ah, comic relief. Gotta love boys. :) so hilarious.

  5. Love this!!! True love means you don't have to hold them in anymore. Lucky you, Lin!

  6. HAHAHAHA!! I think you and Rusty have something in common with us!
    And everything you post is "good enough".
    Much love!

  7. sounds like my boyfriend, it's like he thinks I don't hear it lol but I always do and I ALWAYS think it's funny and I always will :-P

  8. Bahaha hard taco is so now the female version of an erection! Brilliant!

  9. It's hilarious and definitely good enough! Thanks for putting a smile on my face this morning!

  10. Ryan and I will often snuggle up in bed with our laptops and quietly do our own thing, until one of us lets one rip. If it's an especially good one, we might even high five. We're so romantic.

  11. So awesome! Well, not the fart itself - but being able to laugh about goofy stuff like that. A couple that farts together stays together. What, did I just say that? Girls don't fart. Let's rephrase that: A couple that laughs about farts together stays together ;-)

  12. omg i died laughing...this would happen in our car too...in fact one day it did and it was a particularly fragrant one (sorry to be detailed) but i start laughing and dying making a face...the guy in the car next to us starts laughing and points and mimics "did he just fart?"....to this day one of the funniest things thats happened....it does always lighten the mood! new follower!!! :)

  13. This is hilarious! Totally made me laugh! Guess I need OT look to my hubs to find some content for my posts too! Ha ha!



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