Tuesday, September 11, 2012

10 On Tuesday

1. The carpal tunnel in my right hand/wrist seems to be getting worse. Have I gone to the doctor? Hell no. I'm scared as shit to go see him cause I don't want to hear I have to have surgery. Ignoring a problem is always the adult way to handle things, right?

2. Really? How in the hell did no one see this coming from a mile away? lol

3. Fashion bloggers: Stop shoving your fabulous talent to accessorize colorful shit & create a sexy toga dress with nothing but an old sheet & dental floss in my face.My 'stuck in the 90's' ass doesn't need be reminded of its fashion shortcomings.

4. Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively supposedly tied the knot over the weekend. I'm not hating too bad since they make a really hot couple but you'd think the guy would've learned to take his time with this one after his  failed marriage to ScarJo.

5. Damn, Olivia, you're one cold bitch.

6. I'm meeting the fab Simone & Jami for dinner/drinks on Thursday night! After meeting several blog friends in person you'd think I'd be like "shit, I got this", but I'm totally not. It's like a blind date but a little worse cause they already like the internet you, so now you just have to hope they'll like the IRL (dorky/snort when you laugh) you, too. Ack, the pressure!

7. Sar mentioned this site (#myfriendsaremarried) on twitter yesterday & even though I'm married, I've been on there laughing my ass off all day. Hilarious stuff.

When My Friend Tries To Talk To Me About Giving Childbirth

8 Staying home & raiding the fridge while I sport my super sexy yoga pants (that have never actually been to yoga) seems like a better idea than sitting at this desk right now.

9. This is a fact.

10. Almost eating an entire 9x9 chunk of brownies is totally acceptable when it's broken down in smaller servings throughout the entire day and topped with vanilla bean ice cream. It's true, I know from experience.

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  1. i ignore all my problems. and also people that annoy me.


  2. #1. Ignoring the problem is definitely a good way to handle it. Poor Lin! I am so sorry!
    #2. Haha.
    #6. That's awesome. I hope you will have lots of fun!
    #9. It is fact.
    #10. That is totally fine!
    Have a lovely day!

  3. I was thinking it and you wrote it - ha ha! That Ryan Reynolds rumor is really weird. It's like a car crash waiting to happen. And when I read fashion blogs, it always makes me sick - either they're incredibly talented and I'd look like a bag of potatoes wearing it or it's something really weird that no one (not even supermodels) should wear. And I made brownies. Cheesecake brownies. Melting while eating. Only one piece left. That's why I'll probably look like the person on the waterslide soon ;-)

  4. Oh my word - the waterslide totally made me laugh out loud at my desk!

    I'm wondering if my hunk of a man Ryan Reynolds got married. He's hot!

    And sure - eating an entire 9x9 is totally fine!

  5. 1. Ryan Reynolds has poor decision making skills. Clearly.
    2. I love that Tumblr and now I am going through there instead of working.
    3. Blogger dates ARE super awkward. It's like a really weird blind date because you already know a lot about each other. One time I was meeting a group and 5 of the 6 emailed me to say they were excited to meet me and they can't wait to hear me be super funny. No pressure, bitches. No pressure at all.

  6. This post made me die laughing! Haha, thanks for brightening up my workday :)


  7. I needed a laugh and you brought me to tears with laughter so thank you for that! I love the text messaging and also I think Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are pretty HOT together!! And your last bit about brownies AMEN sister you don't have to justify that with no one!!

  8. #myfriendsaremarried is hilarious! I can really relate to the kids ones, as we are married without spawn, funny stuff!

    I'm really looking forward to Thursday, don't fret girl. Besides, it's extended happy hour that night - boom! ...and no pressure from me, just be yourself (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUMmNB58Zig) :-)

  9. #7 FUNNY #8 Necessary #10 Also completely necessary
    Blake Lively totally creeps me out. But Ryan Reynolds is Canadian (creepy in itself, right? I kid, I kid). So maybe they'll work out?

  10. I so love these posts! I have carpal tunnel that hurts like hell, but apparently it is not bad enough for surgery. They basically charged me a fortune and told me to wear a wrist brace...on both wrists. Not only does that make me look ridiculous, it makes it to wear I can't type & makes it hurt worse. I choose to ignore it now as well. : )

    #3- YES! Me too! So not fashionable...

    I totally understand meeting with bloggers. We have a blogger group here in Tampa, FL and it sometimes feels like high school. There are clicks and I always feel like I have to try too hard with certain people. Some people are just not worth the effort. I still stress about dressing and meeting them though.

  11. haha, I love these! Totally made me laugh. Great pick me up on this Wednesday afternoon! xx

  12. #2. hahaha! Love it!
    #3. I know, right?
    #4. Celebs NEVER learn! But for real, they're pretty smokin' together.
    #8. ALWAYS. And I'm proud to say my yoga pants have been to yoga...once...over a year ago.
    #10. Don't even talk to me about brownies. They're my kryptonite. Especially when they first come out of the oven. Hmm...

  13. Gonna have to check out this #myfriendsaremarried site!

    Can't wait to meet up tomorrow and you can bet that it will be a fun time! Don't worry... Jami and I are not judgmental people AT ALL! Should be fun for sure!

    Looking forward to it!

  14. #2 - I seriously thought it was a hippo going up the slide, like a real hippo!

    #4 - I'm glad they got married because they have now become the SUPER HOT couple!

  15. Olivia just refers to that guy as "Guy Friend" ??? How the hell does she know who's texting her? Is there Guy Friend? Guy Friend 2? Guy Friend 3? I mean, the dude has a name, so use it. Or am I just reading too much into it? Answer: probably.


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