Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ten On Tuesday

* Warning: this post included True Blood spoiler *

1. It would be awesome if I could wake up one morning & not feel all tense & cramped up. We have a nice mattress & just added a new memory foam top to it so why the fuck is my back & neck still hurting?

2. Word.

3. My 19 yr old god-daughter keeps wasting her time on this douche-bag guy who has her stuck in the 'friend zone' but still manages to keep leading her on. I wish I could smack some sense into her so she'll finally see that he's not worth her time.

4. I consider it a real talent.

5. Remember when I was like "hey, that new No Doubt song really sucks?" Yeah, not so much anymore. Don't know if the radio has brainwashed me into liking it or what, but lately I've found myself humming it more & more.

6. As if I needed a new show to be addicted to, Rusty went & started watching BBC's new series, Copper & hot damn, this show is AMAZING. Seriously guys, watch it. If you liked the movie, Gangs of New York, you'll love this show.

7. Can't believe it took me 16 yrs to realize that using a foundation brush to apply concealer under my eyes instead of my finger does a helluva better job. Like, professional kind of better. Wow.

8. I was going to let a sleeping dog lie but I just have to open my big mouth about the True Blood season finale & say that it could've been better. Actually, the entire season could have been better. And wtf was up with Pam & Tara? Pam could do WAY better. And, Bill in that bloody mush...really? Geez.

9. Rusty's way of feeding himself is laying n bed saying, "baaabe, I'm huuuunrgry" like 62 times or until I get tired of hearing him whine & get up to find him something. It's like having a kid.

10. Danny Zuko...I would've taken a bite outta that piece of man meat. This is also the one song I can't ever not sing along to. Damn you for being so catchy & upbeat.

* * * * * *

Now it's your turn. Create your own random 10 on Tuesday. There aren't any rules, just list whatever's on your mind & link up here so we can check it out.


  1. #1: I am so sorry dear! Maybe it's the pillow? I always have problems when I use a pillow that is too thick.
    #2: Love it!
    #3: Oh no! I hope she will change her mind.
    #4: Totally!
    #5: Yeah, I remember that and I guess I have to check out the song again.
    #6: And I need to check out that show.
    #8: Bill annoys me soooo much!

    Have a lovely day!

  2. #2 My grandmother, who owned a small country general store, had that sign posted behind the register. I've been thinking that since I was old enough to read the sign!
    #3 My B-I-L, king of the douchebags, is still living my S-I-L's best friend and they've proclaimed their love for each other all over Facebook. I'd be in divorce court so damn fast. That's what happens when guys lead you on!
    #8 I can't believe Tara is still "alive". The ending freaked me out (pretty sure I already told you this), but I just love Sookie and Eric together. I'm hoping they can continue where they left off in season 4.
    #11 I wish you would post everyday :)

  3. I love copper!! and have you watched Luther?? The BBC rocks!!
    TB: I cheered when bill burst into a puddle of blood. And when everyone died that needed killin'! Thank goodness for Eric Killing Russell. If next season's opening show sux I'll never watch it again. the whole season was fucked up for me. What are the writers thinking??? I'm sick of the Authority an sick of the Fairy Crap!!

  4. Any Grease song is hard not singing along to... and go beat some sense into your God daugther!

  5. Fun post!! Your 2 and 4 quotes are very, very true. LOL


  6. without even pressing play, I now have You're The That I Want stuck in my head on repeat. Thank you for that.

  7. I absolutely agree on the entire season of True Blood. First, the bring back crazy fucking Russell, which I love crazy fucking Russell. I have to say, I'm a fan. Then they kill Detective Stabler and I'm all like, NO! Where the hell is Detective Benson when you need her? Then the whole vampires gone mad thing blech. Lame-o.

    Season 6 better be fucking better otherwise HBO will be getting a heated letter.

  8. #7 - you know what's even better, when you use a concealer brush to put concealer under your eyes and to cover up any acne or scars. It's so precise, it's crazy.

  9. I love 10 on Tuesday so much! You always make me laugh with it. Even though I suck at commenting, I read it in my email EVERY week and laugh my ass off.

    RE: #9 ....ummm I think all Men do that. Joe does it too. Only I have a deal with him that I cook and he does the dishes, so I can't complain too much about it. I think they would be in serious trouble without us!

    ps> Still waiting for my picture to be emailed!! : )

  10. Hahaha Rusty is like me! I always tell me "I'm hungry" and expect him to do something about it! LOL! He calls me a child who can't feed herself. Funny, but true. :: *shame*

  11. 1.Me too. I think it’s old age.
    2.One of my faves!
    3.You can’t have a 19-year-old god-daughter. As per our conversation yesterday, you’re just 16.
    4.When we finally *get* a Target, I’ll be right there with ya.
    5.Haven’t heard it, but will probably go through the same stages of acceptance.
    6.Looks promising… as you’ll see from my 10 this week, I’m in need of some new TV!
    8.*Not looking, not looking, not looking….*
    9.I wish I could get away with that. I’ve tried, all that happens is eventually he gets up and wanders off to play video games that are loud and drown out my whining.
    10.HATE Grease. That is all.

  12. I agree with you 100% about this season of True Blood. Not their finest work! However, I do love that Eric has come out on top and is now very clearly the better of the two (between him and Bill, I mean). Team Northman all the way!

  13. I totally agree with you on True Blood this season, if you think about it aside from Tara being a vamp & Bill turning into Billith - NOTHING HAPPENED!! So frustrating. Kinda hoping next season is the last and they end it on a high note.

  14. Ha ha, I have a T-shirt with your #2, I wish I could wear it to work ;-) The good thing about your True Blood spoiler is, however, that when I one day reach season 5, I'll have forgotten everything about it (we just watched season 3, and then there's a whole lot of nothing for us Germans).
    Fun list!


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