Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. When it's 80 degrees at 5am it's completely acceptable to eat one of these on the drive to work.

2. It's so annoying that I have giant walk in closet & a dozen drawers full of clothes but I still 'have NOTHING to wear' every fucking day.

3. We finally went to go see The Dark Knight Rises over the weekend, after hearing from like everyone & their mom just how amazing it was....and I gotta say, they were right. It was a little too long but overall very entertaining. Also, it wasn't so bad having to stare at Joseph Gordon-Levitt's hot mug on a big screen for 2.5 hrs. When the hell did he get so hot?!

4. Wearing spandex pants without a top that covers your ass should be banned as it would appear that some women aren't aware spandex is see through when stretched to it's max. I don't care if your a size 6 or 20, I still don't want to see what your butt cheeks look like.

5. You can meet hundreds of bloggers & still only have a connection with a handful of them. Just because you both sit at a computer & share your life with the web doesn't mean you're meant to be friends. It's taken me 3yrs of this to understand I don't have be friends with all fellow-bloggers, just supportive.

6. I've watched this 3x already & have decided I want one.

7. My blog pal, Melissa, hosts a Furbaby Friday post every week & is currently looking for guest bloggers with adorable furry pets that they want to flaunt & talk about. If you have one, hit her up!

8. If you have someone special in your life I suggest you go up to them next time you see 'em & give them a giant smooch & let them know they're appreciated. More than likely you've been an asshole recently or taken them for granted so they deserve something nice...and free.

9. Yes, please. I'm draggin' this week.

10.  I think I may be addicted to blog swaps, peeps. The summertime swap just ended a few weeks ago & I already have 2 new swap ideas. See, addicted! The first one is a fun "date night" theme & the second is a holiday theme for Nov/Dec. So, I need your honest opinion: Is it too soon to start another one?

* * * * *

Alright, now it's your turn. Make your own random 10 on Tuesday list & link up here. Come on, give me something to read.


  1. And when they bend over... holy Free Holeys!!

  2. 1. Big stick? Really? bwhaha. Okay, back to acting my age.
    3. He is sort of adorable, but I cant get over that he was that kid from 3rd rock from the sun, too weird for me.
    8. Thats very good advice.
    9. Ill take 10 cups. Stat. Or maybe just an IV.

  3. I love your list!! I am the same way with having so many clothes but NOTHING TO WEAR. I am itching to go shopping and get some clothes I am actually excited about wearing!

  4. Aww, the Lemur is totally cute. I want some too!
    And I will definitely join Melissa soon, just need some time to write a nice post about my animal-friends. Melissa rocks.
    And I so agree on #4! I have seen a person like that on Saturday and it's just sooo ugly.
    Have a great day!

  5. 1. There is nothing wrong with ice cream related foods for breakfast.

    2. Same here, it's frustrating

    3. Seriously, when did he get so hot?

    4. Amen!

    5. I hope that I am one of those "bloggy friends". :)

    6. Aww...

    7. I might just give Melissa a shout, check out my latest post...

    8. Maybe I should go up to some random guy and give him a big smooch. Maybe we will become "someone special" to each other.

    9. HAHA!

    10. Umm, I have always wanted to host a swap, but anytime I mention giveaways on my blog, one really seems to respond. I love swaps and think they are incredibly cool. I wouldn't be opposed to one each month. :) Then again, I like to shop and get cool packages in the mail.

  6. #3. YES! He's so flippin cute!
    #6. Again, so cute!
    #7. I'll def. be checking her out! I love the furrbabies!
    #10. The holiday swap sounds awesome! That's something I'd be interested in!

  7. Nothing wrong with a Big Stick for breakfast! I have, on a rare occasion had ice cream for breakfast, so I can relate.

    I'm the same way about clothes, my closet is PACKED, yet I ALWAYS feel like I have nothing to wear - and every time I say that, my husband reminds me about my closet full of clothes. Guys just don't understand.

  8. I"m more than addicted to swaps. I'll join for sure.

    Seriously still trying to figure out when Joseph got hot. He was always the weird looking kid.

    I'm so with you about not having to be friends with everyone who has a blog.

  9. #3 Agreed - however to me he is still the dorky guy from 3rd Rock from the Sun.

    #8 - So true!

    #10 - never too soon for another swap! I'm in!

  10. I love what you said about not connecting with every blogger. There are some blogs I follow to read, link-up with, etc., but don't really care about because that blogger and I, I know, could never get along. Sometimes I flat-out disagree with half the stuff they say, but it's too much of a train wreck not to follow along. Now you, I'm pretty sure, I could actually have a conversation with haha
    And JG-L?? I love him in Inception. He's not as "dashing" in 50/50, but that was a really good movie.

  11. 1.It’s acceptable anytime.
    2.Right there with ya.
    3.I know, right?
    4.I’ve actually considered tapping girls on the shoulder and saying, “Excuse me, but did you know your ass is showing? On a related topic, you might want to re-think the neon/leopard print thong.”
    5.That’s why I’m so lucky to have found you!
    6.Fun fact about me: I was a lemur in a school play when I was a kid. Also I want one too.
    7.Oh no. I might have to do that.
    8.Hey, I resent that. I’m NEVER an asshole. *ahem*
    9.I’m pretty sure that would kill me, but other than that, great idea.
    10.Maybe a little soon… wait until September, maybe? Though I do enjoy a good swap….

  12. Here's a few comments:

    1. Love the talk bout big sticks, bloggers and lemurs. I concur!

    2. Swap??? Wha!? Count me in... They can best fun as long as people ar invested!

    3. Might
    Ok into the guest post opportunity. I do have a adorable little kitten wo loves to use my
    Leg as a Scratching post!

    -Simone @ busyasahoneybee.blogspot.com


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