Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ten On Tuesday

1. Champagne is the devil. Those stinkin' bubbles did a number on my head the morning after my cousins wedding. It felt like I had been hit in the head with a sledgehammer...never. again.

2. Never give me anything to hold onto because chances are I'll lose it. Seriously, I sometimes lose the glasses that are already on my head.

3. Today, this is especially true.

4. I'm wearing a new pair of skinny jeans today & when I say I feel like a tightly wrapped sausage, I'm not exaggerating. I swear these fuckers weren't this tight in the store. Also, I hope no one sits behind me at any point today cause I've got major plumbers crack going on.

5. Apparently Ragu sauce has magic powers that'll instantly take away all life scarring images of your parenting boinking. IMO, there's not enough Ragu sauce in the whole fucking world to get those images out of my head.

6. Sometimes it really is best to keep your mouth shut if you have absolutely nothing nice to say. It's definitely not easy, but I'm trying.

7. Jennifer Aniston is (finally) engaged...this makes me so happy. Team Aniston forever!

8. You know, there are just some things I don't care to know about Betty White. I prefer to think of her as the forever prudish Rose on Golden Girls, cause you know, old people never have sex. N.E.V.E.R.

9. Grimm is back! I was so tempted to stay up extra late to watch the season premiere last night but I just couldn't keep my damn eyes open, so now I can't wait to get home & watch it...love this show.

10. In case you missed the news, the always awesome Random Thursday has two new hosts! Em & Sarah have jumped onto the RT fun train & we'd totally love you forever if you'd join us. This weeks topic is 'Current Obsessions' and I gotta say, my list is already pretty damn long, especially with all my favorite TV shows coming back. No idea what this link up is about? Pftt...no worries, check out my past posts here & don't forget to sign up for our weekly RT newsletter here to always stay in the loop.

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  1. I love champagne! It's actually my favorite. Ditto on teh Ragu sauce and Betty White.

    Team Aniston! This news makes me so happy. I really hope it works out for her.

  2. I once heard this from my teacher in church class (not sure why) about sex (I think I was like 12 years old and it kinda warped my brain)
    newlyweds: tri-weekly
    been married for a bit peeps: try weekly
    old timers: try weakly
    PS I hate when the clothes fit perfectly in the store and then are 4 sizes too small the next time you try to put them on

  3. New jeans are never great right away... unfortunately I have to go jeans shopping soon, since I just found a whole on the inner thigh of my favorite pair... I hate loosing my favourite pair so I even asked my husband if anyone would notice... not weird at all:)

  4. Oh, she's engaged!? That's awesome. She deserves the best! She's so great!

    And I definitely need to check out Grimm!

    I hope you are having a great week, my dear!

  5. I love Grimm! and I love that Jennifer Aniston is engaged.

  6. What the hell is that commercial?! I've never seen that! And you're right, not enough Ragu in the world. Mac & Cheese, maybe. Ragu, not a chance.

  7. Augh I can't have champagne, due to an unfortunate vomiting experience in high school. Those damn bubbles, indeed.

    I watched Grimm....it was good! Cliffhanger, though. Beware. I hate cliffhangers.

    YEAH TEAM ANISTON! I love her.

    I walked in on my mom and stepdad once. I'm almost 46 years old and I can still see it. Not.enough.Ragu.in the world.

  8. I want to have an alcoholic beverage so bad. Just sip. A little one. I bet the fetus won't even feel it.

  9. #1. Bubbly is ok but I prefer the wine. =)
    #3. That was me today. I sported a ponytail, t-shirt and a pair of my dad's sweat pants. They're super comfy.
    #4. Aah the joys of skinnies! I've got to buy a new pair before fall. Dreading that.

  10. OMG!! That Ragu commercial!! What the crap??

  11. #1 yay to champagne! I love it! But am also a fan of wine... Cider... Spirits... Pretty much alcohol is good!
    #4 love my skinny jeans! I have Levi's leggings, try Levi's 535 (or 353) they're super soft and stretchy!
    #6 I try to keep my mouth shut... But. It's. Just. So. Hard!
    #10 yay to random Thursday!

  12. Just started watching Grimm, loving it! Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest trend report and my big news regarding Lauren Conrad. xo


  13. Champagne...yum!!

    I'm with you, I'm really happy for Jennifer Aniston.

  14. Ok, this looks FUN. I'll deff be joining in this coming week! Fo Sho!


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