Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ten On Tuesday

1. I pray to the great & powerful gods of the world that the perfect nails I've been growing & taking such good care of for the past 3 weeks, don't break before the wedding on Saturday. If they do, I will surely fucking freak the hell out.

2. Have you ever wanted to force yourself into liking something? Well, I tried that with this movie. Really hard, actually. But this remake was total shit. It was too long, had too much blue screen action in it, Kate Beckinsale was super annoying with her determined shimmy walk, and IMO the three boobie girl could have gotten more screen time. No lie, that was probably the best part.

3. This is gonna sound really rude, probably because it is, but I don't respect bloggers who are constantly bragging about how many followers they have or would have if 'only 3 more people would follow' them. I'm super duper glad lots of people like you and your blog but it's not all about numbers.

4. Yes, I'm oh so very busy.

5. Did you guys know it's really fucking difficult to start packing things for a weekend wedding trip when you threw away your tore up luggage after coming back from your last trip? Yeah, it sucks. Especially when you're flat broke until Friday, the day you have to leave on your trip.

6. This humid 110 degree weather is bullshit.

7. Sometimes you just need a fabulous music flashback. You're welcome.

8. Um...nah thanks, I think I'll pass.

9. Sometimes a Snickers bar is all it takes to make you feel better after a shitty day. *said the girl with spare tires in her midsection*

10. I've bit my tongue long enough. This must be said: America is the land of the FREE. We are free to believe and not believe in whatever we want. We are free to have opinions and we are free to express them. We don't have to like them, in fact it's your right as a free American to absolutely despise it. Having said that,  I'd also like to express that I will forever support love of every kind but there's no way in hell I'm ever going to stop eating the deliciousness that comes from Chick-fil-A. Sorry, it's just too damn fabulous. If you've ever had their chicken strips dipped in Polynesian sauce, and strawberry milkshakes you know where I'm coming from.

* * * * * * *

Ok, now it's your turn. Create your own random 10 on Tuesday & link-up here so we can check it out! 


  1. WWMD?. Love her. Thanks for the throwback!

    P.S. #10 was well-said. I support love too :)

  2. Good luck with your nails! I have never been very lucky! :(
    And I really hope David won't make me watch Total Recall!
    Number 4 is so true. :))
    I wonder how many people buy smelly balls!
    Have a great week!

  3. 1. Fingers (gently) crossed that your nails stay fabulous!

    2. Meh. Also. Kate Beckinsale? Can you make rock something other than a black catsuit in the next movie you make? Jeez, woman.

    3. No kidding. Also annoying? Acting like your child is the first and only kid ever to turn a year old. Get over yourself already.

    4. Heh. Totally me today.

    5. Try Ross, TJMaxx or Tuesday Morning (if you have one, I'm not sure if that's nationwide or not). I got an awesome suitcase there for like, $20.

    6. Eew. It's humid here, but not 110. Good luck with that.

    7. OMG! Favorite Madonna song ever and I literally got super excited last night when it came up on my iPod in the car.

    8. Yeah, I'm chock full of those around here.

    9. *Drool...Snikers....

    10. I agree. Get in mah belly!

  4. I can't stand the bloggers that say "only five more followers and you'll get a chance to win a new car". pshh. I hate biatches like that.

    Also, chic-fil-a is amazeballs. I couldn't stop eating that shit no matter how hard I tried.

  5. 1. oh fabulous nail gods, listen to Linny!

    2. Man! and I sort of kind of wanted to see that. Thanks for letting me know so I won't waste a date night on that piece.

    4. Ditto

    5. Can I tell you that one time, I just used recycled bags, as in grocery store cloth bags, to pack my crap in. Not too sure I'll ever do that again, lol

    6. I don't like hot weather AND humidity. It should be like this, get your shit together weather and decide what the heck you want to do.

    7. Oh Madonna, I hear you.

    8. Gross!

    9. Me too said the girl with the jiggly thighs.

    10. Absolutely!!!

  6. Word on the free speech bit.

    Thanks for the Madonna pick me up, that song is the shit!

  7. THANK YOU for saying that! Freedom of speech, baby! Love this list. I'm a new follower. I've been following you on twitter for a while but just found your blog. I'm @shelleybells07

  8. Haha I totally agree with number 10. I think if gays want to marry, let 'em. Whatever! No big deal! But I hate when it's turned into "If you do this or that then you hate gay people!". Wait, what? Like that time that my gay best friend told me Target was against gay people. Sorry dude, I love you, you've been my BFF for years but I'll cut you out of my life before Target if I have to lol. Let's be real, I can't quit Target.

  9. Thanks for the Madonna song. My boyfriend gets into the room and says: "Are you listening to Madonna?!" lol and I say "Eff yeah! I am blogging, reading blogs, and listening to effing Madonna!" lol

  10. I love your blog. Those people-pleaser bloggers must be exhausted from trying to make everyone love them all the time, right? Being on Twitter has opened my eyes to how "follower-hungry" a lot of bloggers are. Unfortunate.
    Don't forget it's the "land of the free because of the BRAVE"! I get so mad when I see people protesting stupid stuff (really, we're gonna fight over fast food now??), but either don't like the military or don't remember the reason why they're allowed to protest.

  11. 2. Dang. I thought it looked good. Never saw the original though.

    9. For me it's a boston creme pie donut from Dunkin. =)

    10. Chicken nuggets for all!


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