Friday, August 10, 2012

Random Thursday Has Some Changes

You may or may not have heard through the twitter-vine that the super fun Random Thursday was gonna have some changes made...yes, it's true. 

 But, don't be sad because they're not bad changes and Random Thursday is still trucking. Yay! So what exactly is the change? Well, it has 2 new fabulous hosts...

Say hello to Em & Sarah, Random Thursday's new hosts.

The random posts will still continue to be done and you'll still be able to come here on Thursday's & link up. Natalie & Kailyn have decided to step down from the link-up but don't fret, they're not completely gone, they're actually brainstorming on an all new idea. 

If you're planning on participating in this kick ass link-up I ask that you grab our colorful new button below and show it off on your blog, follow our new hosts (Em & Sarah), and please subscribe HERE or below to get the weekly topics sent directly to your inbox*.

Hope you guys have an awesome weekend! And, if you decide to booze it up this weekend, make sure you drink an extra one for me ;)

*Please subscribe to the RT updates again, the old subscription list is no longer valid.


  1. I follow Em and Sarah! Can't wait for more random Thursdays! :) I am not sure, do I have to sign up again?

  2. I don't know how to add buttons otherwise I'd totally sign up!


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