Thursday, August 16, 2012

Random Thursday: Currently Obsessed With...

Welcome to the 6th Random Thursday! I hope lots of you fabulous peeps will join EmSarah, and I on a weekly basis for this super fun link-up. Don't feel bad if you only want to join every now & then when you find the topic interesting or maybe when you've got nothing else in that noggin' of yours to write about...we'll still love ya.

This weeks topic is:

I wouldn't necessarily say I'm stalkerishly obsessed with anything but I am pretty damn excited about a lot of stuff. Mostly, the this stuff -->

I can't get enough of this store. Every time I go in I come out with about $80 worth of stuff I didn't even need.

Watched the season 2 premiere last night & even though their graphics are a little cheesy, I can't help but love the story lines. Momma Grimm's back from the dead, Monroe's in love, wiill Juliette pull through her coma? So many questions!

Physician Formula Yellow Correcting Stick 
This thing is fucking amazing at hiding dark circles...love it.

Jovy Fruit Roll
Screw those regular fruit roll-ups! This ghetto fabulous brand has real fruit in them, like you can actually taste on it & not just the extract. I have 4 of these suckers at home & you can bet your sweet ass they're totally gonna be inhaled the minute I get in.

Red Plums 
It's like fruit crave central up in here in the summertime but lately it's been these little suckers that I can't get enough of. Get in mah belly!

Mocha Frappe
They're the poor man's Starbucks, with a delicious side of french fries ;)

This movie is on our DVR & randomly gets played while I'm on blogging, reading, cleaning...whatever. It's fabulous. Also, I like to mimic their accents.

Strawberry Chapstick
 I hate that sticky ass feeling lip gloss leaves behind & dry lips are totally not my thing so this little sucker's always with me.

* * * * *

Now it's your turn to share what your Currently Obsessed With & link-up below!  Really, we want to know.  Mostly because we're a little nosy, but also because we care. 

Next weeks topic: Fun Summer Reads...


  1. I love Target too but I have only been there twice. :( There is no Target in the area, it's a shame. But last time I bought lots of e.l.f. products. It was awesome!

  2. Mocha Frappes are HEAVEN & cherry chapstick is just amazing.
    Good obesessions!

    <3 Melissa

  3. Oh man, I love Target! I could spend hours in that store! And those Mcdonald's Frappe's even get me too! When I don't feel like going to Starbucks, I'll swing by Mcdonald's and grab one of those. So good!

  4. I use the green physicians formula, that brand is seriously the best at hiding imperfections.

  5. Oh Target gets so much of my money lol makes me wish I still worked for them miss the discount.

  6. What is it about Target that just sweeps you in. I go in for one thing and come out with 10. Not good. Not good at all.

  7. I would like to meet the person who ISN'T obsessed with Target, best store ever. Strawberry Chapstick is the shit. I've tried about 100 different balms (seriously, I have 7 different glosses & balms in my purse right now) and ALWAYS come back to this one.

  8. I'm totally gonna try that correcting stick. I just ran out of the one I was using, and need an upgrade anyway.
    p.s. I couldn't resist choosing the bra photo for my link. lol. You. Are. Welcome.

  9. I believe that Target is so different here in Aus, than it is in America! I'd love to go to an American target! I'm not of obsessed with various things but I'll have a think and see if I come up with enough stuff to link.

  10. Still no Target here. *hmph*
    Isn't summer fruit the best? I'm obsessed with nectarines right now. So delicious.
    I gave up on Grimm - does it get better? Also thanks for the reminder that I really should watch that movie again!

  11. I'm sad that I missed out on this week's Random Thursday. I am too lazy to blog and I know that in order to make this post nice, I need to spend time looking for photos. I plan to double up next week so I can still share what I am currently obsessed with.

    Since I'm here in Cali, I have been to about 4 Targets. I love Target. Is there anything you can suggest that I buy.

  12. great post honey, i really love the photoss and the things you are obsessed with! :P


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