Thursday, August 2, 2012

Random Thursday: Celebrity Girl Crush

Welcome to the 4th week of Random Thursday with Natalie, Kailyn, and I. 
It's so fantastic that so many of you awesome peeps have decided to join us gals on a weekly basis for this super fun link-up.

This weeks topic is:

We all have them. That Hollywood starlet that we just can't stop staring at because she's so damn hot. Her hair's perfect, she has fantastic legs that just go on forever, and gets to kiss all the hottest male actors...lucky biatch.

Here are my hottie picks:

Ginger Rogers 
If you don't know who she is, shame on you! This lady could move like an angel in heels on the dance floor. She was also one helluva an actress. 

Mila Kunis
 Perfect hair, gorgeous smile, fantastic eyes...also funny as hell. Only down side? She's currently bumping uglies with Ashton Kutcher. I suppose it's better than her ex, the home along dude.

Zooey Deschanel
 Look at those ginormous eyes...*swoon*. She can sing , play instruments & act. Needless to say, I want to be her.

Christina Hendricks
 The woman rocks those curves of hers like no one's fucking business & oozes sexuality. She plays a hard ass on Mad Men, which only makes her cooler, and I've always loved her fantastic red hair.

Join in on the fun & post what your 'Celebrity Girl Crush' would be & don't for get to join us for next weeks topic: Favorite Beauty Products.


  1. Dang... you, Natalie and Me all love us some Zooey. I can't wait to see if she pops up on EVERYONE's list lol!

  2. Zooey is fuckin gorgeous! And I love Ginger Rogers! Which brings me to Madonnas Vogue song: "Ginger Rogers danced on air" DAMN skippy!!

  3. So much fun! I am going to have to link up every Thursday now.

  4. I've seen Zooey on like everyones so far! I LOVE HER. YAY!!

  5. Sometimes I consider becoming a lesbian just so I can try to make Christina Hendricks my lover. I know she's married, but I totally think she'd leave that dude for me.

  6. Zooey! Adore!
    Hmmmm. Who do I like? Um, I like that girl that was in mission Impossible and Gone Baby Gone. And Maggie Gillenhal.

  7. Guess I'm the odd girl out who isn't at all impressed with that Zooey chick. And Ginger who?

  8. My husband knows that he's only allowed to leave me if Mila Kunis asks him to. We're both pretty much in love with her.
    I know everyone is like hypnotized by her doe eyes or whatever, but I really don't like Zooey. I don't know much about her, but she just kinda strikes me as a hipster-wannabe who left her husband as soon as her show got big last year. She reminds me a (again) hipster version of Katy Perry (who is just DUMB).

  9. Christina Hendricks, definitely!

  10. My girl crush is TOTALLY Mila Kunis. She is gorgeous. I also love Angelina Jolie, circa Mr and Mrs Smith. Um can you say HOT and BADASS? :)

  11. I just found your blog and it's so adorable!! I'm your newest follower:) I'd love it if you stopped by and hello!

  12. Well, it looks like we have the same taste in women!

  13. This might be our first fight...
    I do not like Mila Kunis and I'd totally do Ashton Kutcher. eek.

  14. Lin, Thank you for stopping by my blog and the super nice comments :) I appreciate it! I love your Random Thursday feature and just might have to get in on all the fun! I'm slightly in love with Mila too ;x Christina Hendricks is hot too!

  15. Ha! Love this. Mila Kunis is pretty hot!


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