Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Miley Goes Britney-esque...

I've never been a Miley Cyrus fan. She actually used to annoy the hell outta me a lot more when she was one of the Disney tweens but now, she's just another celeb craving even more attention.

You know, as if having hottie Liam Hemsworth's attention & engagement ring wasn't enough.

For a while there I actually thought maybe she was one of the few celebs that just wanted to get their singing/acting thing on while staying out of the limelight. She kept to herself, didn't party publicly too often, and even managed to look half way decent when making red carpet appearances most of the time.

Cute, right?

But then a few days ago the dumbshit goes & does something totally Britney-esque...

And comes out looking like some back alley junkie.

Harsh? A little. True? Definitely.

A few years ago she said she'd love to get a fro chop to resemble Twiggy but in my opinion she's a ton of scissor chops & clipper swipes away from being anywhere near that look. Now, Emma Watson...that girl embraced the hell outta her inner twiggy.

And as if ruining her hair wasn't bad enough, she also had to go & take this photo, which people are now saying she looks like a 90's Gwen Stefani in. To that I say, I hope your mouths taste like red stinky onion for the rest of the week, you guys are morons.

* * * * * *

Almost forgot, Jami sent this to me yesterday & I couldnt' stop laughing for like ever! Meet Miley Malfoy...


  1. hahahaha

    that hair. i just don't even.

  2. I can't even stand to look at her. White trash at its finest.

  3. Now, why would she do something stupid like that? Is it a "defining" moment in life or something?

  4. What the hell?! Had she not shaved part of her head maybe it would have been OK but it's not sure. When the hell is her wedding? Lol of course her hair for her wedding is my first concern.

    And I love me some Gwen so when I clicked on the link i was like there's no way...but damn the coloring and angle do resemble her.

  5. Love that you posted that photo, lol! I don't even like Harry Potter and I laughed at that.

    Yeah, comparisons to Gwen need to stop asap. Have you seen all the flannel she's wearing lately? B*tch is starting to channel her inner heroin era Courtney Love (for the record, I LOVE me some Courtney Love, not heroin phase though). I can't stand Miley, and seeing headlines on my favorite gossip site like ' Miley says she feels 'me' for the first time' - makes me want to hurl.

  6. Ahhhh I can't stand her new hair!! Whatever, she is still a millionaire for some reason. That Miley Malfoy pic is hilarious!

  7. did she really chop her hair off? haha

  8. I. DON'T. GET. IT! Seriously what has happened here! I saw this pic do the rounds the other day and thought "gee that looks like Miley Cyrus, but it couldn't be!"

  9. That Miley Malfoy photo is hilarious. Yeah, her hair is pretty dang bad. I LOVED Emma Watson's pixie cut but this really does look like someone just hacked at her head with some scissors. I actually liked Miley...and I suppose I still do, but I feel like she's starting to become a bit too crazy and I hate when that happens to celebrites. Sigh.


  10. I think she is mentally deranged anyways and I've been waiting for the Britney-Lohan like melt down any day for a few years. I'd like to think maybe she's just a closet junkie and can get herself together for public appearances and when she does stuff like this I feel like I'm probably right.

  11. What on earth would make her do this to her hair? It just looks all kinds of wrong.

  12. I feel pretty neutral about her, simply because I think she's still just immature and naive. I mean, haven't we all been there? Having said that, the haircut...it's terrible. She probably thought she was being edgy, but she looks like she should be picking up a case of Bud Light at Walmart.

  13. When I heard this on the Morning Mashup, I thought it was a joke. Until I googled it. That look is NOT cute.


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