Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It's Almost Quitting Time At 'The Office'

Every office day has it's end.

Thank jeebus.

Hell, if I had to spend 24 hours in this office I'd probably of stabbed someone already. Which, by the way was pretty much going to happen if The Office went on any longer with the shenanigans it pulled last season.

Luckily the people around me can breathe a little easier knowing they won't be getting shanked (at least not by me), because the show's finally calling it quits. I know, it's a bit sad but we all know deep down inside that the show is only a shell of it's previous self.

In my opinion, Steve Carell took the show and it's comedy with him when he decided to leave. The cast tried to keep it alive, bless their little Hollywood hearts, but it wasn't any use...it sucked. Especially when they brought in that wacky job stealing weirdo, Nellie.

So yeah, this new 9th season will be it's last. But don't cry just yet, because Dwight went & got himself a spin-off show, The Farm. Yep...I hope you're in the mood to hear more about the wonders of beets & beet farming ha-ha.

I was reading an article that said the creators had given thought to keeping the show and just switching to a bunch of new cast members. Nooo! Luckily they decided against & cut their losses. Which is a pretty good thing because after being on top for so many years why the hell would you want to risk ending it all as bottom bitch?

*cough* Weeds *cough*


  1. I used to love watching The Office every week with friends but you're right, it's not as good anymore. I'm curious to watch The Farm! :)

  2. agree. it's had its day. team jam has 2 kids. michael's gone. show's over.

  3. I will definitely watch The Farm!

  4. Dude, when Michael Scott boarded that plane I said goodbye with him - and I haven't looked back. In my mind 'The Office' has already ended, and it was on a high note. It's the WORST when they drag a series on longer than the shelf life.

  5. I really have never been able to stand this show. Steve Carell made is a tinsy bit bearable but I could never get into it. Part of the reason is that the whole "documentary-shaking-camera" thing makes me physically sick to my stomach.

  6. sad that it's finally coming to an end, but I kind of lost interest when Steve Carell left. It's just not the same without him, you know?
    anyway, lovely blog you have! :)

    xo, samantha

  7. My fave: Ricky Gervais at Golden Globes with Steve Carell


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