Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ten On Tuesday

1. On day #4 with no a/c at home. This camper? Definitely not a happy one.

2. This show is so damn hilarious! Thank goodness for Netflix & the fact I have the corner cubicle so no one knows I'm watching it all day long, haha.

3. Just read that Slade from RHOC has a job again. Looks like mooching off Gretchen has come to a pause since he's now got his own radio show, which btw is actually pretty entertaining.

4. So excited, I actually have my Summertime Swap package for Ms. Attitude ready to be mailed off on Friday. Normally I'm rushing to the store the day it's supposed to be in the mail but I'm actually on top of this shit this time. Yay me!

5. No no no no...hell no. Someone please tell grandma to put those silicone puppies away. Ain't no one around that wants to see that mess.

6. Hey, remember when you were a new blogger & thought going to those expensive/overrated blog conferences would make you cooler? Pfft...yeah, me either.

7. How the fuck is it possible to get so behind on blog reading? I'm all caught up one day & the next I have like 400 unread posts in my reader. You bloggers so are a bunch of go-getters aren't-cha?

8. I've never lied about judging people. I do it, a lot...especially when I watch shows like this.

9. Rusty's brought up the idea of going back to school, which has me thinking it's a good idea for me to do the same. I have no clue what I'd go back to study or if I'd even stick it out long enough for it to be worth the  very expensive cost. Also, working 10 hour days is hard enough...we'll see.

10. Word.

* * * * * *

Alright, now it's your turn to create your own random 10 on Tuesday! Get on it -->


  1. Oh wow....people with dolls as roommates are not scary at all. I need to check out this show.
    I really hope you will get your air conditioning back soon!
    Have a great day!

  2. No air? I would have been on the news by day 2. is it getting fixed soon??

    Sadly that grandma is exactly what all of the nursing homes are going to look like in about 20 years. Add Viagra and let the nightmares begin.

    I'm totally underwhelmed with the whole concept of Blogher. I rarely read anything on there that really sticks with me. Seems to be mostly comprised of holier than thou, hyper sensitive moms who have bred a new race of kids who have poop that doesn't stink. and recipes.

    Reno 911 is right up there with Arrested Development.

    I applied at a college here in Minneapolis, the weekend college for"working adults". Got accepted...but most likely won't be starting until winter. I agree, it's hard to think about homework and deadlines when you are working all the time. I think my TV time will really suffer.

    always look forward to your ten, Lin!

  3. Sorry. I fainted after seeing those boobs. Sweet Zeus. That ain't right...

    I personally like Slade. I didn't at first, but I think he's kind of redeemed himself. He's a jackass, but who isn't on reality TV. He's better than creepy ass Brooks.

    Reno 911 and Arrested Development are both hits in our house too. Thank GOD for Netflix!

  4. Holy wow. I've never watched My Strange Addiction. Yup, I'm judging too.

  5. My Strange Addiction is really out there to put it mildly.

    I've never seen Reno 911...I'll have to check it out on netflix.

  6. See if you can go back to school online. It made my life way easier. I also found the classes simpler... hahaha. And at the end of the day my degree is just as awesome as someone who went to take the classes in person! ;)

  7. I hate that I watched all twenty minutes of that video and I want to watch more!

  8. Hell hast frozen over. Slade Smiley has a job.


    I can't stop staring at that old lady's boooooooobs. PUT THOSE THINGS AWAYYY! Paha.

  9. EW EW EW! I think its odd that the old lady is sporting a pseudo halter top and letting the ladies hang out (or up?) AND cruising around in a wheelchair.


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