Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ten On Tuesday

1. Never thought it was possible to make yourself car sick with your own driving but it is & it happened  yesterday. As soon as I got home I tossed myself in bed & threw on my sleep mask. Food? Workout? Blogging? Totally didn't happen.

2. It still surprises me that there's not a Starbucks at every freeway entrance/exit. Thank jeebus there's always the not-as-good-but-will-do-for-now frappe to fall back on when you're falling asleep on the 2hr drive home...

3. Advice from me to you: Don't play on your phone while you're peeing. Time seems to slip away, your legs go numb & then  you look like a dumb ass wobbling back to your desk.

4. Not gonna spoil it for anyone but WTF was up with a certain someone being killed off on True Blood? Seriously, there are so many other people I would have preferred to be killed *cough* Tara *cough*. On that note...I have no idea what was going through Christopher Meloni's head when he wore this to ComicCon last weekend.

5. You're just asking to be labeled a douche if you're indoors & still wearing your sunglasses.

6. My aunt made my cousin a '50 Shades of Grey' gift basket for her bridal shower, this of course led to a 'discussion' of the book(s) while at said bridal shower. FYI, these fucking books will now be added to my list of things to never bring up in a social gathering because much like religion & politics I'm always the odd man out. I like reading about kinky sex as much as the next girl but for goodness sake, I at least want it to be well written.

7. Home Depot makes it really easy for you to get your fun 'date night' supplies.

8. It may be time to clean out my closet & toss a few (or a many) things out. I tried going in there for a pair of shoes this morning & almost didn't make it out alive. No lie, I think I felt something grabbing at my leg :/

9. Never really understood the big hoopla about feeling hurt & angry when bloggers said they'd received rude anonymous comments, until now. Seriously anonymous, don't you know words hurt? *runs away crying*
For real, I laughed out loud at this comment. Kudos to anon for sticking up for the less-than-awesome 'superhero' . Truth is, his abilities are kinda rad. But only cause he has telepathy.

10. Fuck yes I am. Random spankings will always keep those scoundrels in line & in the words of the famous Ricky Bobby, "if you ain't first, you're last".

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  1. Yeah... never spanked, and definitely of the generation that got trophies for participating. I also graduated top 10 in high school and with honors in both my two college degrees that I got in four years of college. And I'm going back to get my masters...

    1. Well look at you, you little overachiever. Good for you for proving this e-card wrong ;) Looks like the world might not be fucked after all.

  2. I read your blog to make me smile. No joke. It's some of the most hilarious stuff on the web.

    Don't ever change.

  3. I wonder how many of the other Authority will be staked?

  4. I was thinking the same thing about that 'hat' Christopher Meloni was wearing. Strange. Did you see the preview for the rest of the season? Looks better than the first half.

    Did your aunt include a gift card to Home Depot in that basket - that aisle could be renamed the '50 Shades Aisle'! lol

  5. Man. I wish my anonymous comments were awesome and not assholes. What's up with that?

    Ugh on the Fifty Shades of Grey. At first, you'll be all like "oooh yeah." And then, you'll be all like, "why the hell did I just waste my life on then when I could have been playing on my phone while peeing?"

  6. Oh no, who got killed? I need to watch this episode as soon as possible!!!!

    I haven't read those Fifty Shades of Grey Books and I am not planning too. Just because I had so many people complaining about the bad writing.

    Have a great day!

  7. No one ever understands why when I say this, but I actually like frappes more than Starbucks. I've only been to Starbucks a handful of times though.

    I also haven't read Fifty Shades of Grey and don't plan on it. I'm not a prude or anything, I just keep hearing how they're not as great as the rest of the world makes them out to be.

  8. oh man ive been there with the whole making myself car sick thing...when I first learned how to drive stick I made myself queasy often haha! I LOOVEEE mcdonalds iced coffee....too bad ireland doesnt do iced coffee damnit. damn cold ass country. damnit. I recently downloaded bejweled and have been doing that a lot. James thinks im constipated lol. ok your aunt getting your cousin a 50 shades of grey basket would make ME feel awkward! I like to pretend that no one in my family knows whats sex is. lets just pretend we are all just like barbie and ken dolls (as i rock in the corner in a little ball). Also your home depot picture cracked me up!! What an aisle! I wish my closet was big enough to get that messy....could you make me a hidey hole? I'll keep the stuff off the floor I promise!! And I'm totally there with you on the spankings thing. I got them as a kid and I turned out just fine...I think its abuse NOT to discipline your kids. but in my mind spankings are a last resort and not a first tactic. but of course james is totally against them...I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get there. yikes.

  9. I have read Fifty Shades, and they aren't fabulous. If you liked Twilight (also bad writing!) then it's kind of interesting to see the overt similarities, it really is just a smutty Twilight, without sparkly vampires. All the Fifty Shades merchandise grosses me out majorly. Like seriously why does the radio need to be playing adds for fifty shades themed sex parties??!?!?! Or how is it news that adults are reading a book about sex- I feel like every week there is a special on the evening news about it and it's just awkward and unnecessary.

    Sometimes I wear my sunglasses inside just to give people the opportunity to label me a douche, I chuckle quietly to myself knowing I look ridiculous!

  10. ha ha playing with your phone on the toilet. Maybe I know someone who has had that numb leg feeling as well. Maybe.

  11. My Random Thursday blog will post automatically at 420AM like normal!!

    And PS: my shades are scripts and pd a shitload for those raybans!! I look damn cool! Sure I can't see as well indoors but still.

  12. Almost spit my drink out when I saw #7 lol!

  13. OMG home deopt! That's hilarious.

  14. I would LOVE a rude anonymous comment! It'd give me something to write about :) And I have this weird feeling that the character you speak of might not truly die. I mean, they didn't show the explosion of blood after the staking, did they??
    Tara has overstayed her welcome.
    Let's not talk about 50 Shades anymore. I wish women would stop being so dumb. You could read the same thing, better written, in Cosmo.


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