Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ten On Tuesday

1. Vacations are always fun but the hardest part is coming back home & getting back into your old routine. Most of yesterday was spent wondering why I was walking around sober, didn't have a 'Sex on the Beach' in my hand, and my hair didn't smell of cigarette & desperation.

2. I leave the state for a few days & the country begins to fall apart. Yes, I'm talking about TomKat divorcing (poor Tom, who's gonna brush his hair now?) and the Silver Fox coming out of the already jam packed closet. I wonder when Tom will finally make his exit from that closet?

3. Yep. This is definitely me.

4. It should be fucking illegal to make your employees work in a building where the a/c is broken. I've got serious boob sweat happening here.

5. As much as I've dreaded getting closer to hitting the big 3-0, I've recently come to realize that I'm finally beginning to find comfort in who I am & not giving a shit what anyone has to say about it. Trying to fit in & conform is something I no longer give a fuck about. I guess you truly do get wiser with age.

6. Went to see this last night. It's was a little over the top with it's action scenes but overall pretty bad ass for being fiction. All I have to say is, Honest Abe sure got a whole lot more interesting once I found out he hunted vamps. If you're interested, Rusty says the book is way better.

7. Speaking of vamps, someone please tell me I'm not the only one that teared up for Sunday night's episode of True Blood when Eric released Pam. I'm not overly sappy but the scenes with them together really got the water works going.

8. The bachelorette weekend was SO fun. I learned so much about being slutty at clubs that I'm actually going to write a post all about it. I know, exciting. Also, I'm really glad I'm married & not pathetically yearning for a bit of wiener attention.

9. And the face eating continues...this time in China.

10. I really do have this. In my defense, it's the 4 days I spent in Vegas & it being a holiday tomorrow that's to blame.

11. Don't forget to join the 'Summertime Swap' fun! It's only a $15 package (before shipping) & you'll get a package full of summer items from a fellow blogger in exchange for sending one. Also, it's tons of fun.

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  1. 1. Welcome back to the Real World.

    2. Please. I filed all of that under "Shit I Already Knew." Run Katie! Run!

    3. I think we should get together and record what will probably become known as The Most Awkward Conversation in the History of Mankind. Because, I am one of those super awkward and overly friendly types. It could be epic.

    4. Yup.

    5. My 30's have been awesome.

    6. Eh.

    7. I can't get into True Blood. Which is sad.

    8. Can't wait!

    9. What the hell?!?!

    10. I think this is clearly a result of #1. Nobody likes to come back from vacay and be productive.

  2. The social interaction dealy is me too. Yup.

  3. I am glad you had a great time in Vegas! Welcome back!
    Oh, Tom Cruise is so stupid and I hate the fact that I will see him on TV more often now he's getting divorced.
    #3 is awesome!
    I haven't watched True Blood yet because we did not have power but I can't wait to watch it tonight...Oh, Eric....
    Have a wonderful day!

  4. i'm still waiting on John Travolta to come out. Maybe Tom will then follow. I'm glad the Silver Fox finally said what we all knew. Phew!

    I love not giving a shit about what people think. I'd like to think I get fewer gray hairs that way.

  5. It'd be refreshing if Tom (and John Travolta!) were an honest as Anderson was.
    Creepy when guys have wives as 'beards' to hide their sexuality so that their careers are safe. I understand the motivation and still feel bad for the spouse. Hope Katie gets full custody of Suri. Religion should be a choice when she gets olders - not shoved down her throat by Scientologists who make big $$$ getting her to 'higher' planes of existence!

  6. I'm wondering about Tom too. I never gave him a second thought, but I see him in a whole new light thanks to the Burn Book And Anderson? I had no idea! I do love him though. The social situation thing describes me too. I always spend too much time thinking of the "right thing" to say and all this other stuff always tumbles out. And people who discuss the weather?? Ugh. Please let's not talk about how it's "sunny", "cloudy", "rainy", or "snowy". We all have eyes.

  7. 1. It's been so long since I had a "real" vacation, I don't even remember what this feels like. Looking forward to re-discovering it!

    2. TomKat....meh. Think Anderson Cooper is pretty damn awesome, though.

    3. Ha. Yeah, that's what they invented Tequila for.

    4. Seriously?? Aren't you, like, in the DESERT?

    5. Honestly, speaking from the other side of the great 3-0 divide, it's not a huge thing once it happens.

    6. *intrigued*

    7. Yeah, that was pretty emotional. I'm fond of Pam.

    8. If I were you, I'd be glad to be home.

    9. *eye roll* They're just doing it cos it's cool now.

    10. They should give you the whole week off when a stat falls mid-week. It's not like anyone's going to get a lot done anyway.

    11. WOOT!

  8. #6 - good thing I have the book. I will definitely read it before watching the movie.

  9. hahaha love #3 that is definitely how I feel in social situations, I am so bad at small talk with strangers!


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