Thursday, July 12, 2012

Random Thursday: Summer Favorites

It's time! 

After a few weeks of prepping (mostly done by Natalie & Kailyn) our very first Random Thursday link-up is live. So lets get this show on the road...

This weeks topic?

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If I'm being completely honest, I don't like summer. It's way too hot, I sweat & stick to my leather car seats, my face gets oily and my a/c bill is through the roof. For reals, I may have to start thinking about getting a second job just not have to wake up soaked in sweat.

However, there a few things that still make these SoCal summer months somewhat bearable...

The Beach
Trips to the beach is what summer's all about, IMO. Of course, I prefer to go once the sun's going down so I don't go home looking like a burnt tortilla. Bonfires and late night swimming, that's what it's all about.

Shorts Weather
summer hang out
summer hang out by linnysvault 
The fact that my legs could use a tan sure as hell doesn't stop me from sporting jean shorts, which are always paired with a cute tank/shirt & a pair of (not that new) Chucks. What you see in this photo, that's pretty much my weekend wardrobe. Feel free to copy my fresh style ;)

Ripe/Sweet Fruit
Jusy looking at this photo is making my mouth water. There's something about hot weather that makes me crave the hell outta fresh fruit. Luckily ripe fruit can be found just about everywhere in the summer! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to surf the net for farms that will let me pick my own fruit cause that's just fucking awesome.

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  1. You think its hot and sweaty in Cali, come to Florida! OMG talk about hoooooooooooot as hell!

  2. Mmmmm... Fruit! My mouth is watering now too! Love a shorts & Chucks combo. Chucks are so much better once they've been lived in a bit.

  3. So excited about the link-up! Thanks again for hosting it!
    I love the owl shirt! So cute!
    And my legs are so white, you can't imagine. I never really get tanned, I think I was twice in my whole life. It is a little depressed but I stopped trying.

  4. Linny we need to meet up! Hahaha I love bonfires! SOCAL BLOGGER BONFIRE :)

  5. Despite the fact that I live near a lake and technically live in a lake community... I don't do the lake. The water smells, it has Gar in it, and it's dirty. I grew up near an different lake and spent lots of time in that lake with my family and friends but I don't do lakes. But if I lived near an ocean or the gulf, I would spend lots of time there.

  6. I haven't been to the beach yet this summer! Ridiculous :(

  7. MMMM Ripe sweet fruit. Love that about summer! And yes...shorts are always a bonus!

  8. I used to think Southern California had hot summers until I moved elsewhere. Holy goodness, we are so lucky to have that ocean breeze! I can not wait to be back there. I'm so sick of this humid, sticky, rainy-but-still-80-degrees summer!

  9. I do love some good fruit. I HATE the heat too though. It was over 100 degrees almost all last week. Ugh. It's finally getting a bit better though.


  10. Nothing better then ripe fresh fruit! It's been in the 100's the past week and half here in Washington. I'm ready for those cool Summer nights!

  11. I am the exactly same with the fruit thing! it's cool and refreshing and appealing even when it is too hot to think about eating. :)

  12. I ADORE summer! I do need the a/c to sleep, but I love the sun, the warmth, and especially my beautiful backyard. YAY SUMMER!

  13. I like yours!! I didn't have time to put images on all of mine, but I linked up anyway :) Great idea!!

  14. That's totally my go-to summer outfit too. In PA, it was flip-flops. In AK, I bought some cute low Converses from Target because it's always raining and I can't stand wet, cold feet.
    You should try the self-tanner lotion on your legs. That's what I do!


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