Thursday, July 26, 2012

Random Thursday: Dream Vacation

Sorry to those of you who showed up here expecting this post to be up earlier, I'm late to the party...like always. I blame actual paid work for not giving me the time to write this yesterday. 

If you're wondering what the hell Random Thursday is, it's a fun little weekly link-up Natalie, Kailyn & I have going on. Every week there's a new topic for you to post about, which you can sign up here to have sent directly to your email, and it's a great way to meet new awesome bloggers.

This week's topic:

When I first saw this topic my mind went "holy shit, I'd travel the world", but now that I'm sitting here typing this out only one place comes to mind...

I know it's basically tourist central but it's the one place that's almost next door to CA that I've always wanted to go. Rusty & I never had a honeymoon but if we had I would have wanted to visit Cancun and just relax on the beach for an entire week.

And if we get bored or a rash from all that sand in our crevices there's always something to do:

explore the coba ruins
underwater museum
repel into a cavern
zip-line through the jungle & pray I'm not too fat to break it
get my swim on with the dolphins
tour the  Sian Ka'an Reserve

Realistically we'd probably do one or two of these things & go back to scarfing down all the delicious Mexican food (like I don't get enough at home) & drinking on the beach. That is what a vacation's all about, right? 

Join in on the fun & post what your 'Dream Vacation' would be & don't for get to join us for next week's topic: Girl Crush...oh, we all have a few of those.


  1. Cancun is GORGEOUS! I've been to a bunch of islands in the caribbean on cruises and stuff, but honestly Mexico is the most beautiful place I've ever been! The water is that perfect tropical blue, white sand beaches, AMAZING hospitality. And the food... and DRINKS! Yes, Mexico is the perfect spot for a dream vacation. I hope one day you and your hubs can finally get your honeymoon there :)

  2. An underwater museum? How cool is that? The only problem is that I am so scared of deep water. But it would be awesome to go there!
    Great post, so much fun to read, Lin!

  3. I must confess to you, I always thought swimming with dolphins sounded like the lamest thing ever. Then I saw someone actually swimming with dolphins and I was all "Holy shit, someone needs to put me on a plane straight to the nearest dolphin immediately." I still haven't swam with them, but I've seen them swimming in the wild which is pretty darn cool too. Someone might have squealed with delight, but I won't admit that it was me.

  4. Swimming with dophins would be the coolest thing EVER

  5. Laying on a tropical beach with a drink is my idea of the perfect vacation. I did it once, after college, and those pleasant memories get me through this experience known as "Alaska". You need to go try it!

  6. I like all of those ideas except for repelling into a cavern. For whatever reason those places just freak me out. But the beach sounds fantastic! :)

  7. I've never been to Cancun myself, so fun in the sun sounds perfect. Would love to dip my feet into that perfectly blue water!

  8. I would love to go there! Loved the underwater museum!

  9. I should have done this last Thursday...

    Cancun is great but since you are married now and no longer partying (I think), you should go south to Playa del Carmen and stay at Royal Hideaway Playacar. It's so awesome there and you will be treated like royalty!!!


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