Monday, July 2, 2012

Let's Do This: Summertime Swap!

Who's in the mood for a fun summer swap?

I am!

Summer's here & I'm in the mood to share some of the bright summery items I've spotted/bought at the store lately. Just the other day I was at Target & saw they carried colorful straws with tropical fruit decals hanging off of them...how stinkin' cute!

What exactly is a 'Summertime Swap'? I'm so glad you asked.  Basically you'll be sending $15 worth of your favorite summer items or items you think are summer related to your swap buddy. It can be anything from your favorite sunblock, SPF lip gloss, bright nail polish, your favorite magazine to read at the beach, a cute tank top you found on sale, your favorite iced tea, colorful earrings...whatever. 

The great thing is that everyone has their own interpretation of what they think represents summer so be creative & remember that nothing is ever too lame to put in that package. 

Em & I hope you all sign up for this fun swap & hope to make it just as successful as the last one I hosted. So yeah, now it's pretty much up to you guys. I know, the pressure, haha.

Ready to join & be one of the cool swap kids? Well, before you jump the gun you should read the following cause we don't want any slackers in our cool club --> 

If you're still interested, complete the form below & start your Summertime Swap shopping. If you're feeling a little extra spendy, feel free to go over the $15 limit. I know I always end up going over.

(You can sign up here or on Em's blog. Please DO NOT sign up on both blogs.)

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*If you who can't see the sign up form on this post, click HERE to sign up*

Questions? Email your hosts:
Lin @ hollygolightly0831(at)gmail(dot)com 
Em @ mpiricale(at)gmail(dot)com


  1. Yikes, I'm totally missing the link to sign up... where is the form? Thanks xoxo

  2. Most awesome! I want to do this. I LOVE getting and sending off mail!

  3. Just signed up! I love swaps and that is after all how I met you. : )

  4. I wasn't going to sign up because I hadn't posted 6 times in the last month........ But I blogged twice today since I'm at home and bored. Now I'm all signed up! Can't wait!

  5. I'm totally in the process of getting my six posts in!

  6. omg I had a mini-heart attack! I was thinking "I remember signing up for something at some point...." and then FREAKED that somehow I missed the e-mail with my partner's name and info. I think I was just super early signing up :) *cough* blog swap over-achiever *cough* HAHA!!!


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