Friday, July 6, 2012

It's Foto Friday Time!

4th of July falling in the middle of the week totally threw me off. Yesterday felt like a Monday even though it was Thursday, it was awful. To make matters worse one of my cousins posted photos of all of us in Vegas on FB & lets just say if I was flying somewhere, based on those photos, it would appear that I'd need 2 seats to hold my big ass. 

Ugh, kill me know. But not with a harpoon, I'm not a whale.

Anyway, it's Friday which means it's time for Foto Friday, so at least there's that to be excited about...

This was the view from one of the bedrooms in our Vegas suite. No lie, this freakin place was nicer than  most condos I've seen. The only downside? Shitty ass water pressure. It was like I was never 'really' clean.
One of the many gorgeous walk through gardens at the Wynn casino. These giant colorful balls are actually made of real flowers. I could have stayed there for hours if it wasn't for the constant flow of cigarette smoke making it's way into my nostrils.
This is me hanging out in bed, eating mint chip ice cream out of the carton, while watching Criminal Minds. Truth is I probably do this kind of shit way too often. As fun as it is I need to give this a break & get those walking shoes on cause my ass is widening at a very fast pace.

Does that funky mug look familiar? Well you may know her as 'OctoMom' but I know her as 'Nadia, the one who made porn a comedy'. Rusty got this as a joke & holy crap what a joke it was! She actually dances while ironing, cooking an egg, and smelling rotten milk in this segment. It's bad. Really bad.

Ahhh...where did the rest of my head go?!

Target, oh Target, I love you SO much. Yesterday's lunch was spent shopping around for some 'Summertime Swap' items. I may not have a swap buddy yet but I'm not letting that shit stop this shopping extravaganza. On my way out I just had to buy a white chocolate frapp. Yes, I just had to.

 Alright, that's all I got. Now it's your turn to show off your Instagram photos. Post them on your blog, show 'em off, we want to see them! But dont forget to link up over at Em's blog.

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  1. White chocolate frap??? Ive never had one but it sounds amazing!!! Im going to have to get one of them next time i got to starbucks!

  2. I'd say bad water pressure is enough to ruin a vacation. Seriously.

    And amen to loving Target. That place is dangerous! :)

  3. Loved reading this post! I was just on vacation and our hotel had horrible water pressure too! Hated it cause I felt like I could never get the conditioner out of my hair! Vegas is so fun though I am planning a trip in October for my 21st and I can hardly wait!

  4. Great pics ... I've been following your Vegas escapades on Twitter and it sounded like a great time!:)

    As for vegging in front of the TV with ice cream ... replace Criminal Minds with Community and the ice cream with a family-sized tub of Ben and Jerrys half-baked and you have at least 2 of my nights a week:)

    Best ever ...


  5. I can't believe you went to Vegas without me! Also, so funny that you watched the Octomom video. bahaha.

  6. Isn't Instagram just great? I love it! And I didn't know about Nadia's porn comedy! Sounds hilarious!

  7. How have I not heard of the porn comedy? Proper title and/or link to more info, please! Also I want those flower ball things. So pretty!


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