Friday, July 20, 2012

Foto Friday

It's friday, yay! 

I've got nothing planned for today but laying in bed and watching all of the past seasons of Breaking Bad with Rusty and then a trip to Circus with the god-kids in the afternoon. Fun fun fun...especially the BB part cause that show's fucking awesome.

Moving on. Since it's Friday, it's time for foto friday and even though Em isn't hosting today (she's busy moving all her crap ton of books into a fancy shmancy new house), I thought I'd still post.

* * * * * * *

This is what I do during my downtime at work. Yep, I buy bags of potato chips & measure out how much I'm ripped off by. Joking. Kinda. Can you believe this 8 inch bag only had 2.5 inches of chips in it? Crazy.

Found these Coral colored crochet shoes for a whopping $12.99 at Ross last weekend.  Gotta love a good deal on comfortable & cute shoes.

Me in a skirt? Cr-a-zy. Rusty set up a dinner date w/his magician friend & his wife last weekend & since all of my jeans were dirty, this is what I went with. Amazingly enough, it wasn't too bad. Comfortable as hell, actually. Thank you super stretchy black mini skirt.

For those of you poor suckers who've never tasted one of these monsters, this is the famous chocolate chip Pazookie from BJ's. Mmmm. And, now I want one. Bad.

Yep, that's a gun in my cupboard. This is what must be done when you're home alone at night, cooking dinner, have been watching Criminal Minds all day, and are paranoid as shit. 

Hope you all have a fun filled weekend! And, if your out & someone gets drunk make sure to take lots of photos & share with us. Everyone loves to laugh at dumb drunks.


  1. I want a pazookie now, thanks. -_- jk :)

    p.s. loved those flats. I might go to Ross this weekend to get new ones. I need new shoes and clothes, and Ross is just awesomely cheap!

    Have a great weekend!!!

  2. Ah, Breaking Bad. I love it! And your shoes are adorable!

  3. Dude. Pizookies are THE BOMB. *Drooooooool*

  4. omg that cookie thing looks ahhmazing! When I watch criminal minds and I'm home alone at night downstairs I won't go upstairst at all. even if I'm not home alone I have to turn on all the lights and then run up the stairs because that show makes me paranoid too! lol

  5. So, what else have you used that ruler to measure? ;p

  6. I love those coral shoes! I must find me a pair AND we plan on getting a gun as well ;)

    LMAO @ the chips!


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