Friday, July 27, 2012

Fill In The Friday...

That's right, it's back! 

Best part is Lauren took it back to it's original version, which I'm SO fucking happy about. Truth is, I didn't care at all for the newer essay type style, hence why I stopped participating. 

But now that it's back it's time for some blank fun!

  1. I am catching up on all the TV I haven't seen all week cause it was too damn hot to turn it on. So far I've seen The Closer, The Real L Word, and next is Polyamory. If you haven't seen Poly, it's exactly what you think it is, SoCal couples being taped in their daily life as polygamists. Awkward. Yet very intriguing.
  2. I have always wanted to spend a whole day saying exactly what I feel and think. No filtering my thoughts because I think someone's feelings are going to be hurt or biting my tongue...sheer honesty at it's best. Or worst. Guess it just depends what I have to say at that moment haha.
  3. I hope to get all, if not most, of the laundry done this weekend. I probably have enough clean undies for the rest of next week but I may have to start recycling clothing items soon.
  4. I can eat a bag of gummy bears like no one's business.
  5. I dream of zombies & falling down stairs. Not at the same time of course but those are the two things that I normally dream about. I blame my fear of being eaten alive by the undead and eating shit while walking down stairs, which has totally happened before.
  6. The way to my heart is through kindness & laughter. Make me laugh & we'll be friends forever.
  7. I am passionate about lots of stuff. Seriously, I could name like a bazillion of them. Right now I'd say it's making sure I comment on all the blogs I follow cause it's important to leave awesome feedback & support.

Gosh, I really missed these fun Fill In The Blank days. Join the fun by copying the blanks on your blog, filling them in & linking up at The Little Things We Do.


  1. I often dream of zombies too. I don't know what that means. But they always try to eat me.

  2. Oh yeah ... so glad these posts are back ... I'm on it!

    Nothing better than filling in a good ole blank:)

    Have a fab weekend Lin!


  3. Linny - been following u for a bit! So glad she changed the format back to this way! We are fellow so cal bloggers! Love that u are trying to comment on ALL the blogs u follow! Awesome! Stop by for a visit sometime! Busyasahoneybee.blogspot.com


  4. I've been close to Germany for the last week and I've got 5 words for you: HARIBO macht Kinder froh und Erwachsene ebenso
    maybe that's more than 5, but kids and grownups love those yummy bears so...


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