Monday, July 30, 2012

eShakti Review

I never ever shop for clothes online. It's hard enough to find something that fits in stores so taking a gamble on a clothing item online is a little too much work for me. Until now.

eShakti is one of the coolest clothing companies around. Fo' sho'. They have large variety of clothing items that are not only fashionable but also offer a range of sizes that range from 0-26W. Best of all, you can customize any of their items.

Love the dress but not the length or sleeves? No worries, they'll take care of it for you, just tell them how short or long you want it & the kind of sleeves, if any, you want. Easy peasy.

eShakti was gracious enough to let me pick out a dress to  review from their store & this is what I went with:

Coral orange - Ruffle front poplin dress

Cute right? Especially the color. I have to admit, I  was a bit hesitant about picking this particular one because of all the ruffles & the fact that it might make me appear even more broad shouldered...but it didn't.

I'm a size 13 so I chose to go with a L-14 to be safe, as shown sleeves, above the knee length, and a deep V neckline.

The dress is actually a bit brighter than the site photo, fabric is really lightweight & breathable, the ruffles go all the way around the back of the neck continuing the all over cute look. My favorite part has to be the fact that it comes with pockets...love them!  This dress has elastic on the back waist, so it's not a big deal if you accidentally went one size too small, given the fact that the fabric is no stretch. Overall, the prices are a little high for my expense account but I was really happy with the dress, their quick delivery time, and how easy it is to customize your item to your liking.

eShakti's dresses vary from $24 - $79, they carry a variety of accessories, scarfs, shirts, skirts, and gift cards.


  1. Great choice-I do love the color.

  2. it really does look great on you!

  3. You look fantastic! I love the dress, such a cute color and the ruffles look fabulous!

  4. I've wanted to try that site out. You may have given me the bump I needed. The dress (especially the color) looks great on you, and the ruffle detail is beautiful!

  5. Ah shopping online terrifies me! I'm super short (5'3) with wide hips so my size can really vary depending on the brand! I love the fact that the dress has elastic so even if the sizing is off you won't be unable to wear the dress! Its super cute and flattering and I love the color! I must check them out and see if they deliver overseas.....(like it would even fit by the time it gets here....stupid preggo belly!)

  6. The dress I wore to the last army ball had pockets. It's what takes a dress to the next level!

  7. I'm an online shopper extraordinaire! I love love love it! I'm currently waiting on my mid-winter wardrobe (and a few sneaky summer pieces that I loved). Your dress is fabulous! I love it! So super flattering and great for an evening out or just a casual lunch date! It's perfect!

  8. Dress looks great! I've had my eye on that company for a while- I've only heard GREAT things from friends about it!


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