Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday...

I became quiet fond of this post last week so here it is again...

My new dress

This photo really doesn't do it justice because it's more of a lighter coral than this tangerine-ish color. Of course Target doesn't have it on their site, that would just be way to easy. Rusty's actually the one that saw it & pointed out that it would be perfect for the Bachelorette Vegas weekend I'm going to in a few weeks. He was right & the best part is that it has cute pockets. I love dresses w/pocket.

Our weekend plans
Rusty has managed to make friends with a mad scientist type dude who's staring in this show on Saturday so we're headed to Hollywood for another (really) late night out. We're pretty much nerdy homebodies 24/7 so the fact that we have plans this weekend is pretty damn exciting. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to figure out a many gallons of coffee I'll have to ingest in order to stay up for an 11:30pm show.

Meat Lover Pizza

There is nothing better than a pizza topped with tons of meat. Nothing. And, now I'm hungry.

The Chevy Cruze

We've been in the market for a new car since our last one was deemed a total loss & I think I've finally found one I wouldn't mind paying for for the next 5 years. It starts at 16K & offers up to 42 hwy mpg which means I don't have to spend $200 a week on gas, fuck yeah! Now to find a bank that will lend us the money :/


  1. I should do one of these. Maybe I will tonight.
    Anyway. Pizza is the best of all things. I'd have to put it on my list every week, i think.
    Also, very jealous that you live in SoCal. We almost moved there this summer, but then responsible life took over and now we are attending grad school in the fall. Sigh.

  2. You should TOTALLY get a cruze! I got mine in September, and I love it! I haven't had to fill up since Memorial Day, and I usually get out & about every day [greaaaat MPG!] We got the one with all of the options & it was only a little more than $1,000 more than the basic version. I love it. The bluetooth through the speakers is what sold me!

  3. Your new dress is adorable! I love it! Dresses with pockets are awesome!

  4. Ooh such a pretty dress. I love when they have pockets too! Yay for weekend plans! I don't really have any that I know of, but probably plenty of swimming.


  5. 11:30pm would make me cringe, even on a Saturday night. I'd like to know when I became so old at 32 :) Oh and I rent a Chevy Cruze for work all the time. LOVE that little car


  6. Enjoy the great looking new car with all of those cool features, Lin!

  7. Having the benefit of knowing what happens AFTER this post.... CONGRATS ON THE SEXY NEW RIDE!!

  8. I'll take one of everything!

  9. That dress is super cute!! I demand pictures of you in it!

  10. I have that dress!!! I can't decide whether to wear it with brown or "stone" Kaci boots also from target!


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