Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ten On Tuesday

1. I haven't touched my gossip blog in over 2 weeks & I'm actually OK with it. Could it be that I'm possibly over celebrity gossip? *gasp*

2. Hot damn, I forgot how nice it was to have a new car. Only complaint I have so far is that my butt gets burned on the leather seats every time I get in it on a hot day. Dark window tinting here we come.

3. Sometimes I wonder why it is that I put so much time & effort into this place. Then one of you awesome ladies send me a cool comment/message and it all makes sense again. Thank you!

It's true, I kinda am.

4. You see some crazy shit in Hollywood on a Saturday night. Besides the dozen's of prostitutes, we saw this  chick dressed as a horned devil in a cape with a goatee that honestly looked more like a 70's porn actress' bush than facial hair. Crazy.

5. Bahaha! I was totally against Jimmy Fallon getting his own show but watching him wear raper glasses & dance like a moron is pretty damn funny.

6. Why women choose to stay in toxic relationships is a mystery to me. I mean, I love Rusty but if the dude ever so much as raised a hand to me I'd break it off & beat him with it. There's never an excuse for verbal/mental/or physical abuse.

7. It's true, I do. A lot.

8. If you guys haven't seen Prometheus yet then consider yourself lucky. That movie was lamer than Kim Kardashian's fake marriage.

9. Don't make fun of me but I'm actually getting a little sad over the fact I'm going to Vegas without Rusty next weekend. I haven't slept in a bed without him next to me in 8 years, I'm going to be so lonely. *sigh* I suppose I'll just have to drink til I pass out so I don't notice he's missing & avoid the sadness.

10. I've been posting about it annoyingly non-stop for the last few days so you probably already heard about it but I'll say it again: I'm giving away a ton, seriously a TON, of items this week so be sure to check them all out (top ride side bar) & enter to win.

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  1. Lin, you are amazing and you are giving away more gifts than God! You rock! Thank you so much!
    I have to say that I absolutely miss my German gossip magazines!
    I will tell David about #8! He wants to see the movie so badly and I would definitely chose another movie!
    I linked up with you! Yay!

  2. 8 years? Holy cow. I think we're gonna have to upgrade to a king bed when Scott comes back. I'm used to having the queen all to myself.
    Do you follow Suri's Burn Book? My favorite celebrity gossip site.
    And my brother-in-law is one of those toxic relationship guys. God bless his wife. We refer to him as "douchebag" around our house.

  3. Your giveaways are amazeballs!

    Yeah, I'm loathing my (p)leather seats now too but come Winter time I am LOVING the heated seats!

  4. 1. I go through phases with the celeb gossip stuff...right now I feel like its all the same old stuff...lindsay lohan is stirring up shit again...big surprise...lol
    2. ahhh new car....so lovely! I'm not a fan of leather seats for just that reason though! and if you wear shorts you stick to them like crazy! must take a picture of yourself in it!
    3. your an awesome blogger! giving away gifts on your anniversary?? thats doubly awesome! :)
    4. I've only been to hollywood once, and it wasnt on a late saturday night, and i still saw TONS of crazy shit...I can only imagine the level of crazy you were witness to haha!
    5. Me and jimmy fallon have a love/hate relationship. I can't stand him but sometimes damnit he can be funny. He also has the roots on his show and I love the roots.
    6. I dont get it either...my parents were in a toxic relationship with each other and I dont understand why it took them so long to end it already! If James ever spoke abusively to me or so much as raise a hand that would be IT. He knows that as well! I think if you love and respect someone those thoughts shouldnt ever cross your mind!
    7. OMG I was just saying that today...like where are these creatons coming from?!? do we need to flush out the gene pool or what?
    8. got it....shall save my 8 euros!
    9.Thats so cute! I know what you mean, even though we aren't all snuggly every night I like knowing that james is there. He was away from me two nights last week and I was not a fan...and every noise was like a serial killer must be waiting outside the door haha!
    10. I am entering! such cute stuff! :D

  5. Hahahaha! I love Jimmy!

    And I live in Hollyweird...where did you see the prostitutes? Becuase there's a good chance they were tranny hookers lol. They run this city!

  6. Reading through and OH what's that? My face on Linny's blog? I MUST BE BLOGGER FAMOUS NOW! Ugh, I love you. Thank you for putting my face & tweet on your blog - but remember that I was only speaking the truth because you are AWESOME!


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