Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ten On Tuesday

1. Getting Netflix again has kept me pretty busy lately but I just realized that I've been mostly watching South Park on it & that's the one show already free to view on the shows website. *face palm*

2. I'm SO damn excited about getting a pay reimbursement from my job. For screwing us over on our last contract they're giving each one of us $1,100 in December & then again in July 2013. Hello wonderful Cancun & Canadian* vacations!

3. Males: do NOT fuck with this hairdresser.

4. Everyone & their mom was ubber excited about True Blood starting on Sunday but I could have cared less. I find myself less & less excited about it as time goes on. Also, why the fuck couldn't they just have gotten rid of Tara?!

Pam will forever be Bad Ass.

5. It really pisses me off that my bank won't approve me for a $35,000 car loan even though I always paid their 2 loan on time & we make even more money now than we ever have. WTF? Idiots, it's your loss because now another bank's going to get my money.

6. I'm definitely not ready for the summer heat and neither are my cheesy thighs.

7. Damn girl, maybe you should lay off the high calorie booze.

8. I read some BS article on the '7 signs you're about to cheat' & no where in that article did it mention talking to your partner about how you're feeling. Personally, shouldn't that be one of the first things you do? Communication is key in any relationship.

9. A little piece of advice from me to you: Don't be so quick to write an post on how great your day will be so early on in the morning because most likely it'll come back & bite you on the ass hard before you go to bed. - I know firsthand.

10. You may or may not have noticed a new button on my left sidebar <--- that says "Coast to Coast", well you guys should all go there & enter your blog info & location. Like right now, lovies. Shane over at Whispering Sweet Nothings is putting together a map with all of our locations on it so it's easier to find bloggers to connect with in your area, super fun right?! All you cool non-American bloggers can do it too :)

*Here I come Em!

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  1. 1. I gave up on South Park after about the third season. It was hilarious when it first aired. Now? It's so over the top, I can't even handle it. But. Netflix rocks. Mostly because I can rewatch Dawson's Creek and Felicity from the beginning. Being a teen in the 90's rocked.

    2. So hey, maybe you could call my husband's employer and the State Department and ask them to hurry the hell up and reimburse us for Mr. BFG's passport?

    3. Oh snap!

    4. I have never watched an episode of True Blood. Read all the books (well, except for maybe the newest one?) and they're pretty good, but from what I understand the series went it's own direction. All of that to say, "eh." Oh. And, Pam IS a total bad ass.

    5. WTF? Meanwhile, it's totally fine to purposefully let your house fall into foreclosure and go purchase a new one.

    6. I'm surrendering to the fact that I only have a few more weeks before it is consistently over 100 degrees. Cheesy thighs and all. Fuck it, I'm going to the pool.

    7. Or, you know, maybe NOT sit on things clearly not stable enough to hold up an entire person.

    8. Amen.

    9. True story.

    10. Hmmm. Okay, I'll go check it out later.

  2. Hey Lin!
    I am linking up with you! And I joined Coast to Coast too! Pretty cool!
    Haha, don't mess with the Russians. :)
    I was totally excited about True Blood. David says he doesn't like it anymore. :) But I agree that they should have killed of Tara. But no, they need another vampire...or whatever she is now.
    I wore shorts this week and I hate my legs! I am so cheesy, it's awful. Even my 79 year old neighbor told me how cheesy I am.
    Have a great day!

  3. Guilty of being uber excited about True Blood. And I liked it. I was also uber excited about the Mad Men finale. And I was uber disappointed in it. Any idea when season 6 will start?? :/

  4. Heres one thing where you and I differ on tastes...I can't stand south park! never been able to! Hubs loves it...even has one or two stuffed dolls...been threatening to thrown them out so he has hidden them from me haha!

    Also....Loving the new blog layout! looks so good! I love chevron!
    2. Your job rocks! I want reimbursement...of course that means you would have had to lose money, but at least your getting it back! woot !
    4. I have yet to watch any of the true blood series. I enjoyed the books too much, I dont want to ruin them for myself! (although the last book...spoiler alert! but damn can a girl get some vampire sex??)
    5. that bank sucks ass. I mean, you have proved to be a safe loanee...thats just damn stupid not to loan to you again! They snooze they lose!
    6. I guess the one good thing about living in a cold climate is I dont have to worry about shorts...I seriously hate my legs so much!
    7. That GIF makes me LOL....wonder how high up she was?
    8. I have a love/hate relationship with those lists like 10 signs hes not into you and ect...I have very rarely found them to be accurate or apply to me! some of the shit they are missing is common sense stuff to me!
    9. Sorry you had a rough monday! I was right there with you girl!
    10. I linked up with the coast to coast thing...I love things that like...appeals to the stalker in me...wuhaha !

  5. wait...tara is a vampire now?!? WTF that is now how it happens in the books!

  6. I am oh so tempted to join Netflix again. Oh...the temptation.

    Yay to pay reimbursements! And vacations! Woop!

    The banks loss. Just consider yourself lucky as they're probably in financial trouble.

    I'm sorry your day sucked ass. Hopefully today is a whole lot better.

  7. Love your new layout Lin!

    I haven't watched True Blood in a couple of seasons...Tara was annoying as a human, I cannot imagine her as a vamp. I was so sad after Russell's boytoy was killed.

    Gahhhh Netflix! I just got a Roku player and have been sitting on my giant ass watching...wait for it....ARMY WIVES. I don't know how I got sucked into this one, but I cannot stop watching.

    Banks are evil. Almost as bad as cable companies.

    7 signs you're about to cheat? One sure sign is when you feel your soul die. Don't get me started on cheaters.

    Off to check out Coast to Coast..

  8. 1. I haven't used Netflix, but I feel like it's highly overrated. Mainly because you said it doesn't have 6 ft. under or criminal minds. What is TV without these?

    2. Woohoo!!!! Make sure to spend a bit of that on an umbrella and rain boots, though...(don't worry, I'll fish you out of the puddles)

    3. I love the quote "yeah, we had sex a couple times, but i bought him new jeans." well, in that case, it's no big deal.

    4. I feel like the plot has split in too many different directions and none of the subplots can move forward very quickly because it's skipping back and forth between so many. Makes it a bit of a snore fest, and with my horrible memory I keep forgetting what's going on.

    5. Don't even get me started.

    6. I'm in denial that summer is going to happen. I plan to stick with jeans until the fall.

    7. Oh dear.

    8. Word.

    9. Learned that lesson. Now I don't even *think* about my day being good until after the fact.

    10. Hmmm, interesting! Will have to check that out.

  9. #6 - shoot me.
    #3 - reminds me of a quote from Adventures in Babysitting (remember that movie?!)

  10. Where are you going in Canada???

    And if you are going to Cancun, why don't you travel 45 mins south and stay in Playa del Carmen. Stay at Royal Hideaway Playacar. It's awesome. I loved it so much, I want to go back NOW!


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