Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ten On Tuesday

1. Called into work 'sick' today thinking I'd actually wake up somewhat early,while still sleeping in a bit, getting some laundry done, have this sucker up before 8am, and go see a movie w/Rusty before noon. Yeah, none of that happened because I just woke up 20 minutes ago. Fuck.

2. I'm going to be seeing this after this post is live:

I'll try to restrain myself from constantly rolling my eyes at Kristin Stewert's shit acting.

3. Went to the He Is We concert this weekend & over all had a pretty good time. Only thing that really sucks about going to see a headlining band is that you have to stand through 3-4 really not so good bands. For reals guys, my ears may have bled at some point.

4. Continuing on the shitty band topic of #3, Rusty & I managed to keep ourselves entertained with a twitter chat they had up on the wall while the bands were playing. Lets just say they ended up taking it down after the third band went up haha.

Awesome tweets about a dude that made the tweens swoon & moved his hips better than Shakira.

5. Went shopping this weekend for my 'girls only Vegas weekend' and realized that I have no business inside of Forever 21 anymore. I have so many goddamn curves that there's no way I could ever fit into anything pre-age 25. Reality has hit & I'm kinda glad because some of that clothes is funky as hell.

6. There's food in my fridge that seems to be growing it's own type of little fungus community. It's gross but I'm afraid if I try to disturb it it'll attack.

7. You can bet your sweet ass this poster will be printed out & posted on my wall. New goal: use one of these kick ass insults at least once a day.

8. I recently found that jalapenos are amazingly delicious! Why did no one shove one of these green suckers in my mouth before?! <-- and no I'm not talking about an alien weener. Sickos.

9.  So...yesterday I posted about the awesome blog-o-versary giveaways I have set up, including one I'm hosting myself. However, what I forgot to mention is that I have NO fucking clue what I'm giving away. Oops. And, this is where you give me ideas. Go!

10. The blog is getting a makeover. The bright colors are going bye-bye & I'm gonna try to clean it up a bit. Que excitement...woot woot!

* * * * * * * * * * * *

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  1. Good morning, Lin! How are you feeling?
    There is no Forever 21 in Germany but a store called Forever 18. I am not sure if they are connected or not.
    I looove Jalapenos! And the poster is great!
    Have fun at the movie theater!

  2. Try this jalapeno recipe. You can thank me later ;)


  3. I had planned on linking up this week - but life got in the way and I forgot - maybe next week.

    I love Jalepenos - but they don't love me!

    The playing hooky thing is awesome - you know when you do it right. I always end up sleeping most of the day too, sometimes that's all you need though.


  4. 1. I wouldn't admit to this on the internet because I'm paranoid of getting caught, like in Julie and Julia when she burns the stew.
    2. Waiting for DVD.
    3. It's always a crapshoot with small clubs - every once in awhile you'll discover a good band, but most of them sound like screeching cats playing with pots and pans. No joke.
    4. You guys are awesome.
    5. Hate shopping. 'Nuff said.
    6. Isn't it scary when that happens? I've been known to toss things out, container and all, just so I don't have to actually open them. Of course, that was *ages* ago when I was young and irresponsible and had all young male roommates. *ahem.*
    7. I particularly love "clitsquiggle." But how would you use that in a sentence? (Still doesn't beat my all time fave "cock-juggling thundercunt" from one of the Blade movies, though. That was epic.)
    8. You can have mine. *shudder*
    9. Starbucks card? M&Ms? Delorian?
    10. I LOVE the new look! Teal and that berry colour are two of my all time faves. <3


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