Thursday, June 21, 2012

Some Kids Just Deserve A Good Ass Whoopin'

Normally I'm not so violent, especially towards kids, but after watching the video of those teens bully a senior citizen (Karen Huff), I'm riled up and the gloves are off.

Seriously I couldn't even finish the video. It made me sick to my stomach to hear the trash that was spewing from their filthy little mouths. What kind of a human being berates a 68 yr old bus monitor who's just trying to do her job? The poor lady probably doesn't even make enough money to cover a mortgage payment now a days and she still has to deal with this bull shit from some snot nose monsters.

It's videos like this that prove the world is going to shit. What happened to respecting your elders? I remember it was one of the first things I was taught as a kid. My mom actually slapped me on the mouth once for yelling "what do you want?" to my grandma. I totally deserved it and guess what, I never did that shit again.

Kids need to be taught manners, respect and courtesy, and for fucks sake they need some good old fashioned discipline. I'm not by any means condoning taking them out back & whipping them with the hose but they need some form of discipline.

Apparently the school has stated these kids will "face disciplinary action", which I really hope means having to serve community service at a retirement home & be on diaper duty and not some crap punishment of having to attend Saturday school.

The look of Karen's face as she takes every insulting word those kids throw her way will forever be embedded in my brain. I hope she gets the simple apology she's looking for but secretly I pray to the gods that those kids parents teach them a lesson by forcing them be her housekeeper (aka: cleaning bitch) over summer vacation.

Little fuckers deserve it.

Warning: this video will make you want to punch these kids.

Karen's community has put together a 'vacation of a lifetime' fund for her. So far it's up to $156,682, so if you want to donate a $1 or whatever, you can do it here.


  1. I saw this story today on the news and I was flabbergasted! I couldn't believe what I was hearing and I wanted so bad to slap those kids across the face. I couldn't have put it better myself. It's terrible.

  2. I can't even watch it. I don't want to end up crying at work. Poor woman. I don't know her at all and I already love her.

  3. There are two things you don't fuck with: animals and old people.

    I can't watch the video. Just thinking about it I have coldchills. I totally agree with you though - people are so disrespectful. Adults too. And that's why kids are horrible. It's disgusting how people act :(

    There is a difference between beating your child and punishing them. People are so paranoid about child abuse (which is not OK) but a good slap is perfectly acceptable.

  4. Seriously!? This breaks my heart. I picture my grandmother in her shoes and I just can't even. I made it through about 3 minutes. I seriously hope the parents of those children are proud of what they created.

    My generation would have never done something like that - and it's because we were raised right, with respect and morals.


  5. That is pure disgusting. How can anyone be like that? The sad thing is, they probably hear things like that from their parents. & They were obviously not taught respect.

  6. Oh my god. I don't even want to watch it. I'd probably cry. People can be so cruel. I hate that this doesn't even SURPRISE me. It's like, yeah, people (especially teens) would do this. It's horrible and awful though. They really do need to learn their lesson somehow.


  7. I saw her on The Today Show and LOVED it when Matt Lauer apologized to her on behalf on those kids AND their parents. I hope they are ashamed but knowing that generation, they probably are focusing more on the "I made it to TV" than the real issue. Yuck.

  8. I cried just reading your post. Then I watched only 2 minutes. My heart broke for her. I am glad people have stepped up and said this is NOT ok behavior. If my child ever behaved like that I would be horrified and know I was failing as a parent. Children can be mean, but to deliberately taunt someone until they cry. Props to her for never once retaliating. That shows class.

  9. I can't even watch that video. I climb on buses an awful lot, whistle-blowing, in order to shut kids up before the bus leaves the school. I know I'm a teacher, but seriously, I have no patience for children. A kid of mine was disrespectful to the bus driver and got into a fight with another kid on the bus a few months ago. The principal did NOTHING about it. So I called the mom in, made her and the kid watch the video (it was indeed caught on tape), made the kid cry, and then I made him write an apology note. Something is wrong with the chain of command when the teacher has to take care of that.
    Rant over :).

  10. WHAT THE FUCK. What is wrong with kids these days?!? I could only watch two minutes of that. Even the "bad" kids at my school would have never been that bad. Those kids deserve to be treated exactly the way they are treating her....they deserve no less. I couldn't fathom talking to another human being that way ever. What assholes. I hope thier parents are ASHAMED. Sadly enough, thier parents probably see nothing wrong with it...just "kids being kids". Thats such a bullshit excuse for letting kids get away with murder anyways. I grew up with spankings and it never did me any harm but taught me some discipline and respect! ok....rant over lol!

  11. I watched about 2/3rds of that video and decided that these children need some severe consequences from the school district. I feel for that woman and understand how horrible children can behave! What is more sad is that the system is often designed to protect children and often adults cannot respond. So sad for those boys to grow up and be so ungrateful and unkind! The prents, i fear, will not even care because obviously they have not been the best examples to begin with.

    Anyway, found your blog thru the Coast to Coast Link Up. I am a blogger in Orange County!


  12. My mom spanked me twice - yes, twice TOTAL and I remember both. I did normal kid stuff, however, I always respected her and was (generally) a good kid, teenager and now adult. It would have never even dawned on me to be disrespectful to anyone... anyway long time lurker, love your blog :)

  13. This is horrible! I couldn't watch more than a couple of minutes and am astounded that these kids could 1. start doing this in the first place, 2. think it's ok, 3. not have any repercussions for this!
    Everyday I work with students, the age of these kids, and I often see kids who are raised in homes where behaviour like this would be perfectly acceptable. I had a child stick his finger up at me in class and nothing came of it... I'm horrified that children are being raised like this!

  14. WOW. Honestly...Who does that?!

  15. Ive never had a video make me mad. Nor have I sat through a 10 minute YouTube video. But both me and my husband watch this whole thing. While mumbling under our breathes what we would do if it were our kids. I hope someone teaches those little jerks something. Seriously. Thanks for posting this, I take this as a reminder as to why my kids will never ever ride the bus again. Whew. I hope some of the money she got will go towards her never having to see those brats again!

  16. I couldn't get through the video. I cried. I was disgusted. Those kids should be punished. Like hardcore punished. I am embarrassed for the kids and especially for the parents. It's a disgrace that they have raised such lousy, disrespectful kids.


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