Wednesday, June 27, 2012

It's Wednesday, Here's What I'm Loving...

Hey, there party people!

It's Wednesday which means it's hump day; one day closer to the weekend, hell yeah! This also means it's time for...

1. Our new car. 
I'm pretty broke until Friday so the fact that I could put $20 in it & almost get 1/2 a tank of gas blew my fucking mind. Seriously, I haven't driven anything that fills up with less than $100 for the past year so this is a whole new experience for me. Why didn't anyone slap some economic car sense into me sooner?!

this isn't my car - ours is a blue/gray color

2. Real Housewife of O.C. drama.
Last night's season finale was so damn intense. I thought for sure Tamra & Vicki were going to end up brawling over Vicki's super creepy boyfriend saying something about an evil eye. No kidding, dude creeps me out more than Tamra's mouth breathing fiance does. Ick. I can't wait to watch the drama that ensues on the reunion shows!

3. Being married.
I'm not gonna lie, shit gets tough sometimes but being married definitely has it's perks. I can be honest to him about anything, farting becomes as common as a burp, his money is my money, and I no longer have to shave my legs every time I want to get laid.

4. Upcoming 'Summertime Swap'.
The swap sign-up post will go live on Monday, July 2! I'm excited but also super freaked out at the thought of no one participating. It's only a $15 swap & it's TONS of fun (really, it is!) so make sure you join the fun. Also, if you look really close you'll see the fabulous Em is the co-host :)

(be a peach & pass it on)


  1. Oh I wish I would have gotten a fuel efficient vehicle. So very cool! And love the new car btw.

    Ah, the joys of being married. Which also include watching/catchin the other picking their nose and just shrugging it off lol

  2. Summer swap sounds wonderful! Don't worry- we'll sign up :)

  3. Just when I said to myself that I am not going to join anymore swaps...you post that the summer swap will be starting soon. Damn...don't worry, I will join again.

  4. hahahaha marriage. truth. ;) it is nice knowing i can be pretty random and crazy and he's stuck. hahahaha

  5. I would KILL to fill up for under $50 at this point. It's kind of sad when you get excited over gas for $2.99/gallon.

    Haven't watched the finale yet. I keep falling asleep during last week's episode. Cannot wait though!

    I'll join your Summer Swap. I mean, I have NO idea what it is, but you posted a picture with popsicles so I'm sure it's gonna be super amazing awesome...

  6. I'm super excited about the swap! I was actually thinking about doing one, so I'm glad I came across this. Love your #3.

  7. I'm loving marriage too! Being married is not that bad ;)

  8. Watching real housewives right now and Brooks is so creepy

  9. LOVE that marriage ecard. :) I truly love being married, even if we get annoying to each other at times! LOL.

    P.S. I got a fuel efficient car recently too! It. is. awesome. I get to fill up for about 30 bucks and it lasts me 2 weeks! I used to have a truck (Texas girl) so this is a nice change.

    Can't wait for the summertime swap!

  10. Dude. That finale was absolutely ridiculous! Vicky is out of her freakin' mind!!

  11. I'm pretty jealous of your sweet new ride! 20 bucks for half a tank?!? sign me up! I love my new car but its 50 euros for half a tank....thats like 65 dollars (ugh I really shouldnt have done the math there...so depressing!) Ok So I really really need to download some real housewives of OC because the last time I watched vicki was still married....tamara as well! Damn! Yes totally agreed on the whole married thing...sometimes I want to slap him...but I would still miss his face. (that may or may not be influenced by some hormones at the moment hah!)

  12. Brooks is like Super Creeper - ugh. Did you watch Watch What Happens Live? They said 'evil eye' like 30 times or something. I almost died when I saw the preview for the reunion when Tamara calls Alexis Jesus Jugs. Those ladies. Not sure if you're interested, but I saw this link a week or so ago of pictures from Briana's wedding: http://whitneydarling.com/?p=7861 - really cute.

    Congrats on the new wheels - and getting half a tank for $20, nice!

    Count me in for the swap, sounds fun!


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