Friday, June 15, 2012

It's 'Foto Friday' Up In Here!

Normally you'd find FITBF on here today but since I dont care very much for new & improved format I thought it would be best for me to move on, which is what this is--> ...me...moving...on...


I know you guys are constantly wondering what my awesomely fun daily life consists of, especially those of you that don't follow me on Instagram yet (got on it yo!), so I'm joining up with Em for the fabulously fun "Foto Friday" to show you a bit of the crap I take pictures of on a daily basis.

Hold the excitement guys, the photos aren't even posted yet.

Rusty's prepping me for kids. I have to bribe him with toys in order to go to the store with me.

This is me, semi-asleep on my grandma's very uncomfortable lumpy couch.

Mmmm...wine. Don't even try to act like your mouth isn't watering.  My dad & I made a trip to the local winery & it was like being in heaven.

Before you read this, take your judgmental pants off. Done? OK, continue --> Yes, I was indeed half baked & it only made the ice cream taste that much more delicious.

I live in the desert. It's hot as fuck.

It's one of a kind (because I probably couldn't draw it again if I tried) & it can be ALL yours for a whopping $8. Don't all rush me at once.

Apparently Rusty & I are both talented artists. He likes to make me little dinosaurs with random wire he brings home from work. I know what you're thinking, I'm one lucky gal. One day guys, they're gonna be collectors items. One day.

Alright the fun's over, until next week anyway. 
Personally I think you all should join in, even if it's not Friday anymore. Mostly because I'm a bit of a creeper & I wanna look at your photos. Notice I said creeper & not stalker? That's because stalkers are ugly mouth breathers & I'm quiet a looker (just check out my 'about' page, you'll see).

Happy Friday guys! 
Now go link up @ Em's blog.


  1. One of my students this year liked to mold things out of the wax that comes on Babybel cheese. His whole family, like, collected it. Weird and gross. Wire is better.
    My husband just wanders off when we shop together. And then throws stuff we don't need into the cart when I'm not looking. Much like a child.

  2. I love your photos. Particularly you and Rusty's art... I think you guys are very talented. No joke. ;)

  3. I follow you on Instagram now! And your drawing is so fabulous! I love it!

  4. photo #1 description equals my favorite

  5. haha, again, no filter. You straight up just said that you don't like the new format of FITBF. You crack me up! That ice cream bar looks good. I am almost positive we don't have Ben & Jerry's ice cream bars here.

  6. mmmmm wine....please drink twice what you normally would drink since I can't have any. also, I would totally play nerf guns with rusty any day!


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