Thursday, June 28, 2012

Introducing: Random Thursday Link-Up

Everyone loves link-up's right? Oh, dont lie, you know you love them. 

My blog gal pals Natalie, Kailyn and I have decided to join awesome blog forces and host our own little link up! This one, like so much on my blog, has everything to do with being random.

Ready for it? Ok, here it is...

If you'd like to join in for Random Thursday's in future weeks, please click here to sign up.You'll get an email at the start of every week to give you the topics for upcoming weeks, so you can plan ahead. See, we're super nice, sending it to you beforehand :)

Have questions? Email us @ randomthursdays2012(at)gmail(dot)com

Why are we doing this? Well it's easy, we would love to be able to get other bloggers to connect, make new friends and just see the different things you cool peeps have to say. 

The Rules (which aren't really'rules'):
1. Follow your hosts:

3. Check out the others peeps that linked up, comment on their post(s) and follow them, if you want. 

4. Spread the word by grabbing this button & showing it off:

Remember: the actual link up for Random Thursday does not begin until July 12th

We hope you all participate in the fun!

* * * * * * * *

Thought you guys would like to know that our first theme is "Favorite Summer Pastime". Now go sign up!

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  1. Great idea! I will definitely sign up! :))
    And thanks again for your giveaway, Lin! You are wonderful!


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