Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ten On Tuesday

1. LSD may right butt cheek. This shit is straight up 'Rage Virus'. You may have heard of it in a little movie called 28 Days Later. Yeah, it's here peeps. (the zombie has now been identified)

2. This weekend was quiet eventful. If you follow my shenanigans on twitter then you probably read that I was out until 3am on Thursday & Friday. It's true, this happened but I also learned that I'm too damn old to be staying out past 9pm. These old bones are creaking.

3. MIB:3 - Go see it. It's pretty damn funny & Josh Brolin is a hottie. For reals yo.

4. You know what's fucked up? When you can't find an open bathroom, even at a gas station, at 2am. I know this because Rusty got a bout of the bubble guts on Friday night and we had to visit 6 gas stations before finding an open, yet disgustingly dirty, bathroom in a ghetto taco restaurant.

5. Creating things that are steampunk-like is Rusty's new hobby. I'm not really excited about all the random nuts & bolts that I'm going to be stepping on in the middle of the night but I suppose if his end result is anywhere near as cute at this, it'll be worth the pain.

6. 30 before 30 list, yay or nay? I've always thought they were a little on the cheesy side but I figure it'd be kinda fun. Although, I'm not too sure my procrastinating ass will be able to finish all of them in less than 8 months.

7. Gave Jennifer Love Hewitt's new Lifetime show, The Client List a try & as surprising as it was to see that she actually can act, the story line just didn't flip my switch. Honestly, who would rather give warm oil handy j's than work as a waitress or secretary to support their kids? Also, she totally gonna end up with her husbands little brother so they should probably just give in already.

8. Sonic has chili cheese tater tots. Why the hello did no one make me aware of this  godsend earlier?!

9. Dear cat & dog lovers: It's kind of strange when you post more than a dozen photos of your pet(s) on twitter or Instagram within an hour. We get it, you love your pet, but we don't need an update every time Feefi or Rover decide to lick themselves clean, again. Knock it off already.

10. Next month will be my 3yr blogging anniversary. I know, I can't believe I've been spewing this much random crap out for this long either, and I'm currently in the process of getting together a blog-o-versary event where we'll have 5 days of giveaways. Exciting, right?! So if any of you lovely people would like to participate by donating a giveaway item from your Etsy store or just out of your pocket, I would most definitely not turn you away.

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  1. Oh..4 similar cases? That is crazy! David found it on the internet and showed it to me. So scary!
    I love your #5! So cute!

  2. Love the MIB thingy (and by that I mean the Josh thingy, hehe).
    As for the 30 by 30, I would totally say "nay!". Life's too short to waste it on listings :)


  3. So there's this lady that lives in our complex and has 4 signs on her door...yeah front door...with all these different cat sayings like "a pampered cat lives here" to "Cats are purrfect" I get it...you love cats.

    I'd be willing to donate something. I don't have an Etsy store...nor am I creative but I'm sure with our fabulous minds combined, we can think of something, like a gift card.

    And yeah, I totally want to see MIB 3.

  4. I cried at the end of MIB!!! I'm such a sap!

  5. At the movies yesterday I saw a trailer for an AWESOME looking gangster movie coming out with Mr. Brolin in it. He wears a fedora well.

  6. #9 Thank you! Or, you know, those people who dedicate entire photo albums on FB to their pet. Seriously, no one cares. Only slightly more interesting (and much cuter) are albums of only babies without adults in them.

  7. 1- good lord that scares the shit out of me! wtf?? eating his face?? if thats not the best don't do drugs ad then I dont know what is!!
    2.I havnt been out that late in a while...now if im not in bed by 11 i get whiney haha!
    3. I saw MIB3 and I really liked it! I do confess I cried a bit at the end. sigh.
    4. Oh man do I know all about the bathroom thing. You see, public restrooms are pretty much non existant over here. I can't tell you the amount of times I've gone into a pub and bought a drink just so I can pee (defeating my purpose all together lol!)And being preggers with morning sickness and peeing all the time? makes outings in town interesting. I snuck into a chipper to pee last week lol! I felt like a criminal of some sort!
    6. I like the 30 before 30 lists, but a lot of people kinda lose steam on them half way through...hence the reason why I havnt done one. But i still encouage them! go for it!
    9. Yeah not a fan of that either....I have a cat, and while he is cute I don't feel the need to share his furiness with the world (except for when he had the cone of shame, that was sad and funny)
    10. blogaversary! (did i spell that right?) woo hoo! 3 years goes by fast! I think I've been reading you for at least 2 of those years!


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