Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ten On Tuesday

1. What happened to just plain old painting your nails? It's like everyone is trying to be different by painting these elaborate things on their nails but everyone's doing it so it kind of defeats the purpose.

2. Damn you Milla Jovavich! I can't get her fucking song 'Electric Sky' out of my head and I randomly find myself dancing to it throughout the day. I'm sure it's causing quiet a stir among the office hens.

3. Oh Real Housewives of OC why must you be so drama-rific? I'm addicted to this train wreck of a show & never miss an episode. Rusty on the other hands hates it.

4. You know what sucks? Blowing through all of your budget for the next two weeks in a mere two days. Not that I did that or anything, pfft...no way.

5. Remember when Britney Spears used to be cute & not look like a washed up wh-....um, 45yr old?

1999                                                              2012
6. For the first time in years I stayed up past 2am & it didn't involve a television show. I know, strange. Rusty & I had a Hollywood date night on Saturday & it was nice to look forward to something other than putting on my date night underwear (aka: not Hanes cotton). There was actually some effort on the outfit, hair & make up. Yes, there was make up. I forgot how fun it was to act my age again.

7. So some European reporter tried to kiss Will Smith on the lips over the weekend, can't say I really blame him. I'd totally try to get a piece of that chocolate mocha man pie. Yep, I totally went there.

8. Rusty has a sinus/head cold thing going on that I think I may have caught which is making me one cranky lady. Good news is I can still breath through my nose so no mouth breathing...yet.

9. My heart has still not recovered from the loss of GCB. What the fuck was ABC thinking when they were making the cuts? Of all their shit shows they could have gotten rid of...for reals, the way Private Practice is going & Grey's Anatomy ended, they could have cut either one of those & I wouldn't have frowned one bit.

10. People of the world, please double check the phone number before you send someone a photo of your budging naughty bits. You never know, you could accidentally send it to a stranger and then it could maybe end up on the internet. For reals dudes, double check your shit.

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  1. 1. It's kinda like when Goth went mainstream.

    2. I'm not gonna click on that video. No. Nope. I will. Not. Do. It.

    3. Ah! I'm an episode behind! But, I love it.

    4. Yup. Just did that this weekend.

    5. Ew. For real.

    6. Love those kinds of date nights!

    7. I love that you went there! Also? MIB3? Yeah. I'm so there.

    8. Ugh. Boo.

    9. Eh. Never saw it. I only watch Suburgatory on ABC. Their other shows seem to be crap.

    10. Oh God. Another reason to not let my 12 year old have internet access on his iPod.

  2. I have to agree with you about the Grey's Anatomy finale. Hope I even remember to watch it in the fall. As for Private Practice, I gave up on it this year. And some guy sent you that pic by accident? That's hilarious! I would pay money to have some guy with his tent peg shorts sent to my phone!

  3. Oh Gary Barlow. I miss Take That!

  4. If it makes you feel any better, I'm not fancy with my nails. Usually they're painted clear, but I went fancy and did a pinkish clear this week. Yeah, I know, Pinterest that shit.

  5. If I get that close to will smith... I'm gonna go for it! And that dude knew... it was probably a hair brush!

  6. Oh how I'd love to talk to the t.v. execs who decide what to keep and what to cut...
    I don't paint my nails. I bite my nails. So nail-painting trends don't even cross my radar.


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