Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ten On Tuesday

 1. I might still be in my 20's but my brain holds in information like I'm 89. I'm actually putting together a 'to-do' list for Friday because I know I'll forget it all by then.

2. There are people who create art & then there are people that buy it. I attempted to become part of the hip artists over the weekend but it wasn't as fun as I thought it would be & I kinda sorta sucked at it & gave up. No lie, that etching shit is hard yo.

3. Don't fuck with me when I'm hungry. I will bite your fingers off like they're bacon wrapped sausages.

4. Who knew finding a cute coffee mug would be so damn difficult. I've been searching for over 2 weeks & have yet to find one that doesn't have '#1 Mom' or 'Best Dad' all over it. Not everyone's a parent dammit. My poor mug swap buddy, bet she didn't expect to paired up with such a knit-picker.

5. Julianne Moore as the wacko mom in the 'Carrie' remake? Yeah, I can see it. She can be super hot but I can already hear her saying "they're all gonna laugh at you!" all pyscho like.

6. My life's been so mellow lately that I feel like, for once, I have nothing to really bitch about on here.Strange, I know. It's honestly been driving me bonkers but I guess it's a good thing. Well, not for you guys, but for me it is.

7. For fucks sake, no more music shows! Enough with this singing bullshit. That's what YouTube is for.

dude just automatically went up to a 7.5 in the do-able scale because of this video.

8. The effort has been made but I'm afraid I wont be able to conquer the so called 'sexual beast' that is 50 Shades of Grey. I've made it to the fifth chapter & skimmed through most of the previous ones. It's boring as shit. Ana is sort of pathetic and I find Christian to be a bit of a creeper. I know he was most likely buying rope & tape from Ana in chapter 2 or 3 for some BDSM sexy play but the fucker sounded like a straight up serial killer.

9. True story: We once let our front lawn get so overgrown that our 'Hank Hill-like' neighbor came over & mowed our lawn. He did't say anything about doing it but one day we came home & it was freshly cut. I was embarrassed at first but them realized if I just let it keep growing & letting it become the unruly lawn on the block then I would never have to pay a garner.

10. Anyone who's ever claimed they've eaten a pot brownie on "accident" is liar. L-I-A-R. They taste just like like pot you dumb fucks, there's no way you could not have known, unless of course you've never in your life tasted a regular chocolate brownie, which is doubtful. So get your head out of your butt & fess up to you doing it because you wanted to. It's not like it was heroin. Geez.(end rant)

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  1. Check out cafepress.com. That is where I found the mug for my swap buddy.

  2. I agree about 50 shades. I was so bored. Returned it to the library yesterday.

  3. I have no interest in reading 50 Shades. People talk about it and write about it, raving about it, and I'm still like "why does anyone think that sounds like a good book?!" Anyway. happy Tuesday!

  4. bahahahaha!!! i get FANGRY too! fucking angry hungry!! i went to amsterdam and i knew at some point i was gonna have some brownies, that shit was good, i was happy all the time!

  5. #3...My husband will NEVER learn!! lol

  6. YES to your 50 Shades comment! I have a review that I'm posting tomorrow. You might say it's unfair that I'm reviewing it in writing after only reading half of it..but I couldn't get any farther than that.
    And "etching shit is hard yo" sounds just like something my husband would say. :)

  7. I hear ya. The singing competitions have got to go. They suck! Im not gonna read that 50 Shades rag just because I'm a chick. What, is there a mandate or something? There is a company called Our Name Is Mud or something like that, that sells the cutest, funniest, quirkiest mugs. I have 2 that say "whatever" and one that says "oy vey".Mmmm bacon wrapped sausages...and pot brownies...can I have a beer with that?

  8. 1. It's like looking in a mirror sometimes. Though pretty soon when I do that I won't even know who's looking back at me.

    2. I dunno, I think that turned out rather nicely. As opposed to how it would have gone if I'd tried - there'd be a few scratches on the glass and the pattern I'd been going for would likely be seared into my flesh somewhere. I'm that clumsy.

    3. My boss doesn't talk to me before 10AM anymore. If she does, she approaches slowly and apologizes. I don't know whether to feel bad about that or just be grateful.

    4. Starbucks occasionally has some, but yeah, most of the time they're crap.

    5. I have to admit I never saw the original Carrie. Maybe I'll watch the new one.

    6. I can lend you some of my grievances, if you want. I've got lots to spare.

    7. HA!

    8. I am still going to try to read it, mainly because I feel like it's hard to justify my scathing and snobby negative opinion of it if I haven't read it. I have a feeling I'm going to come out of it wondering why more women don't just read REAL erotica - like the stuff Cleis Press publishes (Best Women's Erotica series is great). Are we this starved for smut that we'll suffer bad writing and watered down plots? It's like all those "Porn for Women" books of men vacuuming. Seriously? How lame. My porn has naked people in it. At least, that's what I think I'll be saying. You know, once I've read it.

    9. You guys rock.

    10. I can understand taking one bite by accident, but yeah, after that you'd at least realize it tasted funny even if you were naive enough not to be able to identify the flavour.

  9. I feel like I am 100 because if there is something I need to do or buy, if I don't write it down within 10 seconds of me thinking about it, I will forget...it's that bad.


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