Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ten On Tuesday

1. I never thought it would be so expensive to start a new art hobby. Last week I got the bright idea to start Etching glass since I remember it being fun in HS, however I don't remember it being so fucking expensive. I was probably better off sticking to be being a book nerd.

2.  A little injured Sparrow died on our driveway yesterday. The little fella didn't get mauled by a cat or anything, he just died, so Rusty dug a hole under a tree in the backyard & gave it a little bird funeral. It's things like this that remind me why I adore that gentle giant. Now, I'm just hoping that adorable little bird didn't die of a new strain of bird flu which we now have.

3. It's true. It may be time to call it quits when you're dumpster diving for new shit to reinvent.

4. Never in my life would I have thought I'd be saying this: Alligator bites are amazing! I know, it sounds gross, especially to us west coasters but that shit is legit. No lie, I would've eaten about a five pounds of those things at the food truck festival I went to over the weekend if I could've afforded it.

5. Dear coworkers: I laugh a little inside every time you come to my desk to talk to me but walk away when you notice I have my ear buds in. I'm not listening to a damn thing, I wear them so you can leave me alone...mission accomplished!

6. Yep, that's me, the girl who actually posted about how bad her lunch was yesterday. I do believe that's a new low on here.

7. 'Favorite Things' swap participants:  Remember I said I'd randomly pick 4 of you to send something to as a 'thank you' for joining?  No?  Well, this just got a little awkward. Moving on...AbbeyCaitlin, Meghan, & Sarah check your mailbox this week cause you got something coming your way! Also, there were a few more links added, it would be awesome if you guys could be nice & leave these girls comments :)

8. Forgetting your car insurance is due this week & realizing you've already spent the money on new hobby supplies (see #1) really fucking sucks. Not that I did this or anything...nope.

9. How the hell is it possible that a blog that has 1/10 of the number of followers that I do gets more daily comments than I get in a week? I mean, I don't want to play the blame game here but someone *you guys* is dropping the ball.

10. We're definitely the pompous pricks of the world but at least we own it.

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  1. Etching Glass looks cool! I have enough hobbies, I dont' need anymore

  2. I have followed you and refollowed you like four times and still you never show up in my dashboard! asd;klfjasdlfkjasdf.

  3. Hey you! THANKS! I love surprises!! Is it etched glass? ;)

    Love that Pinterest thing. Hahaha! You see some jacked up stuff on there that's basically made of garbage. Haha.

    And I totally do the headphones thing.

  4. Aw poor birdie :( So sweet of you guys for giving him a funeral.

    And I totally wear headphones at work - half of the time with NO music on - so people will not talk to me bahaha!

    Last week in New Orleans we went on a swamp tour and they cooked alligator. I def didn't try it lol.

  5. i went to NOLA and had alligator burger, that shit is delish! they had alligator bites, too!
    yes, we are pompous pricks and we wear it well! LMAO!!! and yes, i love the cussing! i told you, i have legit reasons for blogs i follow, some i never even comment at all! true story.

  6. I wish I could wear earbuds at work. Although, when we were on the field trip last week, I pretended to be asleep on the bus so the kids would leave me alone.
    Sometimes I look at some blogs, and I wonder why people are following them at all, never mind all the comments. And then I read other blogs and think everyone in the entire world needs to be following them!

  7. crafting is so expensive! Its even more expensive here in Ireland than in the states- and the stuff is super hard to find! I look at pinterest and get all jealous that we dont have the same stuff here, but who am I kidding I doubt I will fork out the money for the stuff much less actually do it lol!
    Thats sweet that Rusty buried that little birdie!
    Alligator is good! Ive had it a couple of times! not at all like I thought it would be
    I know how you feel about the whole bad lunch thing- I have eaten like crap the last 4 days and im not helping matters by sitting in bed and eating gummy candy! my birthday is over- time to start eating like an adult again lol! (its so hard sometimes to actually put the effort into it though!)
    Bills suck. end of story!
    Ah sometimes being pompus isnt a bad thing! I would much rather someone say what they think/feel than all the passive aggresiveness that goes on over here! I never thought I was out spoken until I moved to Ireland lol!

  8. I was nearly done writing out the most interesting and hilarious comment you've EVER READ... and then I accidentally clicked on a link and lost them all. You will never know the genius you have missed.

  9. Douchedick - my new favorite word.