Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ten On Tuesday

1. I've come to the conclusion that having my alarm at arms length is not a good idea anymore. The snooze button was hit over 6 times this morning, yesterday it was about 4, which means tomorrow I may not even get up for work. Looks like the little fucker's being moved to the other side of the room.

2. You know you're in love when your partner farts and all you do is giggle & go about your business like he just said a funny joke. Marriage farting, it's almost as common as sneezing.

3. Best way to get people to leave you alone. Most of the time you'll see me doing this with stack of files.
Credit: Em's FB

4. Speaking of Em, during a conversation yesterday she said she was 'waylaid by dinner' and even though I was positive what the word meant, I decided to ask Rusty, just to be sure. Not sure it was the smartest idea because he responded, "It means she was way laid by dinner", and the 13 yr old in me laughed her ass off.

5. Dear CA, what the fuck do you do with all my tax dollars? Fix these roads! I'm tired of hitting a pot hole every 100 feet. And in case you weren't aware,  paying for a cars' alignment and new tires because of this ain't cheap. Get your shit together.

6. HBO has this new show, GIRLS that I'm still not sure if I like or not. There's lots of sex, the plot line seems like it could get pretty interesting but the girls in there are total hipsters so I'm torn between liking it or wanting to beat the crap out of it for being so 'hip'.

7. I believe the term "blessed" is being overused. If you find yourself saying "I'm so blessed" every time you find a damn quarter in your pocket or each time someone gives you something as small as a piece of gum, you need to stop. Seriously. Stop.

8. Everyone's panties are in a happy bunch over The Avengers coming out this Friday but I don't get the hype. Granted there's lots of hotties in it but the simple fact that Scarlett Johansson is in it drastically drops it's cool points. A cucumber could act better than she can.

9. Don't make fun of me: Since I have a gym membership that I NEVER use I've decided to start using these little 2 lb weights I found in the garage to work out my arms a bit while I'm watching TV. I know it doesn't sound like much but when you're holding out your arms with those little fuckers in your hands, it burns and after a few minutes it feels like they gained 10 lbs. A little bit of exercise is better than none, right? Right?

10. I've heard the writing is awful but the sex scenes are intense so naturally I'm going to read it this weekend. I've read some pretty risque stuff in my lifetime so I'm curious to see what exactly has all these housewives walking around all hot & bothered.

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  1. I know with The Avengers for my husband, a big part of the excitement is it is a Joss Whedon film (written and directed). He has a dedicated following, from Buffy and Firefly and such. It looks kind of ridiculous, all those folks in one superhero movie, but people who love Whedon are really excited for it. Soo we're probably gonna see it this weekend. :)

  2. 1. I know the feeling. My snooze is hit at least 3 times.

    3. HAHA! I love it!

    5. MO is not that much better. These roads suck big time.

    8. I don't care about Scarlett. I just want to see Channing.

    9. I think the 2lb label is a lie. After about 5 minutes, they really do weigh about 10 pounds.

    10. I seriously never heard of this book until a couple of days ago. I am not sure I am curious enough to read it though.

  3. 1. I tried that. It just made me really cranky because I had to get up and walk across the room to hit snooze before going back to sleep for 5 minutes.

    2. Well, it is pretty funny. As long as you're not in a small enclosed space.

    3. I no longer have the files excuse at work. But I find putting in my ear buds can have a similar effect.

    4. I can tell you that is NOT what it meant. I'm also not really sure how that would work... and don't think I want to know. It sounds uncomfortable.

    5. Maybe I'm glad I don't drive and/or live in CA. That would make me need to stop and pee every 5 miles.

    6. Unconvinced. Keep me posted.

    7. Sometimes a quarter IS a blessing. Not so much the gum, though.

    8. Don't care about Scarlett, however I will watch pretty much anything with RDJ in it. He can be counted on to make me laugh.

    9. You could always try lifting soup cans if the weights are too much.

    10. I'll give it a go, but somehow I doubt it'll manage to shock me. We live in the internet age, after all.

  4. 1. I actually set my alarm clock with the snooze button in mind every morning....I set two alarms 15 minutes apart so I can hit snooze about 5 minutes apart from each other after they start going off. its meant to make me get up...it just makes me hit snooze a million times lol!

    2.pretty sure every marriage has a fart language of thier own...right?

    3. I wish i could carry around files and look busy....I try to pretend like im typing...doesnt always work.

    4. waylaid...i should use that phrase more...i like it!

    5. fica is just evil, pure pure evil.

    6. I miss HBO and thier really graphic makes me uncomfortable sex scenes.

    7. I'm from the south....that whole blessed thing has its own evolutionary system down there. It kinda makes me want to punch some people in the face. just a little.

    8. not bothered about the avengers. If i really want to see it i will download it. don't judge. (please hehe!)

    9. dude exercise is exercise no matter where or what! im counting me holding up my head to stare at this screen a matter of endurance right now haha!

    10. let me know how that 50 shades of grey goes. I have a feeling that i could pick up any harlequin romance novel and get the same results. I hear the story is awful!

  5. Jeezus...I not only hit my snooze this morning, I set my phone alarm to go off half an hour after the "real" alarm clock. I hate waking up.

    I am PSYCHED to see Avengers, and yes it's because I have sick and wrong feelings about Captain America, RDJ and Mark Ruffalo. BUT I laughed out loud at your Scarlett J. acting summary. I think I'd rather see the cucumber. Because at least that looks like something interesting.

    I read your blessed comment and wondered, Holy Shit have I used that term recently? I hate that word because every a-hole I've ever dealt with on eBay uses it in their correspondence. When they tell me that although they've received their item, worn it, gotten jizz all over it, slept in it and then rolled it into a ball that got stuck between their mattress and their headboard, they want to return it. Because the neckline is goofy. Have a blessed effing day.

    I haven't read 50 shades yet, all of my friends have and the creepy old lady in me is dying to do it. I have to finish The Help first.

  6. I charge my iPhone overnight on the other side of my bedroom. It totally forces me to get up and turn off the alarm when it goes off. Mind you, once I go and get it, I am on it for about half an hour, checking twitter, emails, etc and then I am late getting ready for work.


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