Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It's Wednesday, So Here's What I'm Loving

I have about a hundred (ok, that's an exaggeration but whatevs) things  going on in my brain that would probably make a good blog post but since I have quiet a bit of actual paid work to do, I can't really sort them all out right now so you get this...

Yay you guys!

 He Is We is going to be playing at a little music club in Anaheim this weekend. Too bad this little club is a cesspool for kids ages14-19 & I'd feel like an old fogey attending. But I do really love them...
Fuck it, I'm going. Time to bring out the "young-ish" clothes of torn jeans & converse, oh yeah I forgot, that's my everyday clothes haha. I really need adult clothes.

source (my review of their newest album)

Going to Vegas at the end of the June for a bachelorette party! I'm going to miss the shit out of Rusty that weekend but I've never been on a girls weekend away & I have high expectations for fun. They better not fuck it up with drama.

The delicious Dr. Pepper & gummy bear breakfast I had this morning.
Tempting little fuckers, aren't they?

I pretty much have all 5 blog-o-versary giveaway days filled up for next month. I thought for sure I'd end up buying all the giveaway items myself or promising sexual-ish favors to people for their cool Etsy items. Luckily some very awesome bloggers stepped up, which means there will be no special favors being made around these parts. I hope.

source (i made this)

Happy Wednesday!


  1. dr. pepper and gummy bears...that is the breakfast of champions!! I think you and i should definitely do breakfast!! :) Also screw the kids- go see the band and enjoy! Its not often that good live bands come around!
    Ooo bachorlette weekend in Vegas? that sounds like sooo much fun! Girls weekends are ususally tons of fun (in my experience!) and if there is drama- well then fuck em! go play the quarter slots and get drunk off free booze! (my gambling speciality!)

    Haha I would love to read that email promising sexual-ish favors in exchange for esty stuff! Awesome that people stepped it up! really looking forward to whats to come! :)

  2. Word! Can't wait for all your giveaways! ;) VEGAS! Jealous. Just get drunk enough to where you don't even know what dramaticals are going on. Buy the crazy girls more shots when they get a little feisty. ;)

  3. Bahaha omg you're hysterical! I am so glad to hear you haven't needed to literally ho yourself out for your blog. Have tons of fun in Vegas and at the concert!

  4. What a great way to look at life. I've been doing a lot of focusing on the negative but there is so many good things happening. Thanks! And I'm excited for your giveaways!

  5. We need to find you a better breakfast - though it looks absolutely delicious. Ah, forget it. It tastes good, what's the issue. Have never heard of this band, and always looking for great ones, so I'm going to check it out now. Vegas for Bachelorette parties is divine. You'll have a blast. Visiting from WILW.

    Happy seeing beautiful!

  6. I never used to like gummy bears. Then I got pregnant. Now I could eat gummy bears 24/7. That's okay though. They're sort of like fruit. In that they taste fruit-ish. And you know, if you're going to wash gummy bears down it damn well better be with a Dr. Pepper.

  7. Love that someecard! Non-bloggers just don't get it. Like, for real. They don't get it.
    And I'm eating Sour Patch Kids as a post-workout snack. Picture of health I am.

  8. I love my converse shoes. Does anybody call them "Chucks" in America?
    And I love Dr. Pepper for breakfast!!

  9. OMG, that meme is awesome!! HAHA.

  10. I am very jealous that you are going to Vegas. You are going to have a great time just like I did when I went to Vegas for a girls getaway.

    I love that ecard, I was cracking up so hard!


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