Thursday, May 10, 2012

I Wanna Be A 'Bandana Split'...

I took a year of choir in junior high and another in high school. Granted, most of the time I sat there & did nothing but apply make up or gawk at the hot guys playing the guitar but I was indeed there and I did in fact have to sing once...maybe twice.

I know it's not much of a resume but I'm almost positive I could play a mean maraca or tap the shit out of that tambourine. 

If only they could see just how fantastic I look in red...

For reals ladies, if you're ever looking to to add a fourth to the group, I'm your girl! 

And just in case my impressive musical history didn't knock your socks off, I think it's important to inform you know that I'm also pretty damn fantastic at humming and swaying...yep, one of the best.

(fyi: if this is your first time hearing about these cute as button gals you'll be glad to know I reviewed their self titled album last year, and it's fabulous!)


  1. If you can play the cowbell I'll be sure to send you an invite if I ever start a band...

  2. So cute! I loved that video. What lovely gals.


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