Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cheap Coffee, Cute Shoes, And Mug Swap Talk

Coffee...it's the thing that keeps my ass going even after my body tells me to fuck off. The best coffee IMO is the kind I don't have to make myself, mostly because it always comes out tasting like sugary dirt but whatevs. 

And because I don't care much for dirt, all of my coffee is of course made by someone else. And you can bet your sweet ass it's bought at the one and only place that can make a Cappuccino taste like the heavens and Frappuccino's taste like delicious heaven milkshakes...the one & only Starbucks.

Say what you will about big corporations taking over & how I'm a sell out, I've heard it all from my corporate hating SIL anyway. I promise you when I find a hole in the wall coffee shop that can mimic the "twin-tailed siren" taste then I'll stop giving them my moola but for now & definitely for the next fucking week, that's exactly where I'll be.


* * * * * * * * * * * *

Also wanted to let ya'll know that there's a new blog swap going around the blogosphere.

Nope, it's not mine but I am definitely participating. It looks like a ton of fun & actually goes hand in hand with the coffee subject above.


So go, sign up! It'll be fun & maybe you'll even be lucky enough to paired up with moi...oh, come on, you know you're dying to be.

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Almost forgot to post about this awesome Payless deal...

I love shoes, a lot. Like probably way too much for someone who tends to wear Converse & flats on a daily basis :/

Either way, a pr rep sent me this press release about a great sale Payless is having May 1 - May 6 on their wedges. Turns out you can currently buy either one of these two nifty pairs for $12.49  No, I'm not fucking with you, it's true!


My personal favorite? These --> 

SALE price: $19.99

Looks like I'll have one helluva fun weekend full of coffee mug shopping, shoe shopping & coffee drinking!



  1. I get the whole supporting small coffee shops. There's one on my way to work...that's close to a Starbucks that I go to even though their prices are a lot higher. In any event, my point is...hellz yeah I'll be at Starbucks!

    And yeah...I'm' about to go shoe shopping!

  2. ohhh starbucks how I miss thee. Iced coffee isnt really a thing here. They are trying to make it a thing cause they see it on TV but they don't know how to make it. hot coffee+ice+blender doesn not = good coffee. those mustache coffee mugs are super duper cute as well! I actually have an abundance of coffee mugs...I think its time to start having some "accidents" in the kitchen so James will let me buy new ones hehe! and those wedges?? beyond cute! I'ma need to hit up a payless. and a plane ticket.

  3. I wish I could wear those wedges with this gimp ass ankle!!!!

    Thanks for the heads up on Happy Hour at SB too. Stoked!

  4. We should both enjoy some cold Starbucks beverages this weekend while in the hot desert!

  5. Those orange wedges are CUTE! I seriously doubt any sale would apply in Alaska, but I'm going to Payless tomorrow to check it out!

  6. I like the beige and denim wedges. Did you buy a pair?


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