Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ten On Tuesday

1. Sometimes are all you need is a delicious crumb donut to start your morning off right.

2. ALL of you were right about those three Hunger Game books, they're fucking awesome. I'm not gonna lie, I almost gave up on the third one cause it was boring the hell out of me. But I got through it and I'm so glad because the ending...totally worth it! You probably guessed it but there were many tears of happiness.

3. It's true. I hardly ever shut up.

4. I think I'm addicted to following blogs. There are so many unread posts in my reader right now that I'm scared to even look in its direction. I've made it my mission to read & comment on most, if not all, of those cause if it was worth the writers time to post then it's worth my time to comment. <-- Blogger love at it's best yo.

5. Say hello to the morons of the world.

6. What the hell is up with all the pants now a days being labeled 'curvy'? I get that some of us are a little thick in the legs but I'm still relatively straight in the hips so they always end up look like MC Hammer parachute pants on me even though the waist is perfect. Shopping for pants has become as bad as bra shopping.

7. I bought a summer dress at Target over the weekend because it's been hotter than hell lately & thought maybe it was time to stop dressing like a hobo to work. Of course it's my luck that the sun would decide to disappear & the clouds would roll in. Guess that $25 dress is staying in the closet for a while longer.

8. Truth: I get a little bitter every time someone announces they're pregnant. Another Truth: Once that feeling passes I'm thanking jeebus I won't have to be the one religiously rubbing stretch mark cream on my belly for the next few months.

9. Thinking I may actually give that 'photo a day' challenge more of a try next month. I did about a handful of them in April but then forgot...story of my life.

10. Cannot wait until I get Em's 'Fave Things' swap package in the mail! I love gifts, especially surprise gifts.Many of the gals have already got their packages, if you want to be nosy & see what they got go here. And, since this one was SO much damn fun you can bet your sweet ass I'll be hosting another one real soon. I'm thinking July & it'll be a 'Summertime' swap. Exciting, I know!

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  1. I'm going to be crazy and go backwards :)

    10. awesome! I promise this time I'll participate cause it sounds like fun yo.

    9. You know I liked April's photo a day that I think I am going to do May's. I've seen so many different ones out there though.

    8. :( But for real...rubbing that crap on gets old quick and lemme tell you...it doesn't work. At least for me it didn't.

    7. That sucks! Come one summer...but you can keep the heat.

    6. And when you're short too! That's the worst!

    5. Wow. America might as well say they're screwed if these people are going to be running the World.

    4. Ditto!

    3. Te--hee

    2. Dang it I have yet to finish te first one!

    1. Mmmm crumb cake.

  2. ahhh...I love your blog comments!

  3. About #8, I have bad news for you... Stretch marks are mostly genetic. You roll the dice. You can bathe in stretch mark cream and still get them if you have the gene. I have the gene. :( Thanks, Mom! Also, right now I have a knee shoved into my right rib cage that is making breathing more than difficult. Sounds like fun, no?

  4. I get a little jealous and bitter too when I hear someone is pregnant but then I go to the mall and hear a bunch of screaming kids and am suddenly thankful I am not pregnant. Plus, I kind of want to be able to drink when I am in Mexico in June.

    Don't get me wrong, I love kids and I do at times pine for one, but if it's not meant to be, it's not meant to be. It will just be me and my hubby living like Carrie and Big.

  5. I love you 4 and 9. 4, because I totally appreciate your comments and I love your theory if it's worth the bloggers time then it's worth yours and 9, I put the list of the photos as my lock screen, that way I can't forget.

  6. 1) i've been addicted to maple shortbread cookies in the morning. my hubby and i are planning to buy a dozen one day. and eat them in one day.
    5) you can't be serious. that is scary.
    7) it is so cold in toronto. i've pulled out my winter coat. it was hailing today!
    9) that looks like a really interesting photo-a-day challenge... i *may* join in. pun intended.
    10) yay, another swap!

  7. i always thought danish with cream cheese were the perfect breakfast food!
    yes, i saw those morons on twitter. even george bush knew the titanic was real.
    i'm trimming the fat on blogs i follow, i am also lazy as fuck so i catch up with those i like on twitter! LOL
    i don't want kids of my own, but when people talk about being pregnant like 239348349535 times a day i feel like my hand's ready to slap someone! LOL
    some people on instagram need this photo challenge, all they do is take a picture of themselves in front of their bathroom mirrors and post 50x/day!

  8. I'm truly frightened by those people who didn't know Titanic was real. It's been a while, but I'm pretty sure I knew Titanic was real before the movie ever came out. And pants shopping...don't even get me started. I have big hips, chunky thighs and REALLY short legs. I think in all my life I've found one pair of pants that even came close to fitting me right. Tragic, I tell you :)

  9. Mmmm I used to have a crumb donut after church EVERY sunday for lunch.

    Wow...didn't know that the Titanic was real???? You've GOT to be kidding me. #dumb

    I LOATHE jean shopping. If a pair of pants don't have atleast 2% spandex, I might as well not even try them on. These thunder thighs and ghetto booty make it REAL hard...

  10. 1. That Titanic thing just made me lose a little more faith in the human race. I did my part though; I taught my students all about it last week, complete with primary video sources of the ship!
    2. I totally feel the same way every time one of the acquaintances or friends has a baby.

  11. The last book bored the hell out of me too, I pushed through it because I hoped it'd end the way it did :) Other than that, it blew balls. I read all of them in four days - I coudln't put them down! :)


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