Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ten On Tuesday

1. I've never been to Hooters & even though it's a sports bar directed towards dudes, I really want to go. Going to one is my new mission for this weekend.

2. Keeping my goals small is how I keep myself from thinking I'm complete failure. (example: read #1 again)

3. Some people are just SO dumb... *head desk*

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4. For the last couple of days Em & I have talked randomly throughout the entire day via messenger & it totally reminding me of being 14 and being glued to the phone for hours, talking to my bff about random shit like movies & bad tv shows, which we've actually been doing. It used to be that my parents would be the ones yelling at me "to get off the phone", however it appears Rusty has taken their place in yelling that now haha. It's a good thing she's in Canada or he'd never see me.

5. UFC fans: Evans vs Jones this Saturday...exciting!

6. As bad as I feel for this little fella, I'm glad his parents recorded it because it's hilarious! Also, this will probably what I'll look & sound like when the zombie apocalypse happens.

7. Why did no one tell  me how fucking amazing Games of Thrones is?! I watched the entire first season on Saturday & am now hooked. I'm not saying I'm all for brother on sister lovin' but with a story line like this I can definitely ignore that creepiness.

8. Don't judge me...I've been "borrowing" someone's coffee creamer at work for about a month now. I finally felt bad about it yesterday (that's a lie, they ran out), so I got off my ass & into the market to buy my own but now I'm worried I'm gonna come in to work one morning & find that someone "borrowed" some of it. Yes, I live my life by the "it's only OK if I do it" rule.

9. Excuse me for being late to the party but I'm way excited to finally go see The Hunger Games this weekend. Hopefully it'll be as good as I'm expecting it to be & if it's not, you can bet your sweet ass there's going to popcorn flying at the damn screen.

10. Get your sex on gramps! Not only is this an awesome PSA but I'm a little jealous that they can do moves I've never even attempted. I really need to start doing Pilates or something...

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You know the drill, list ten random things you've got floating around in that big brain of yours & link up here for 10 on Tuesday --> 



  1. 1. Hooters...there's one across the street from where I work and my co-workers go there every day for the "scenery". The food...meh. But the beer is tasty.

    2. Ditto. For instance. My goal today was to take a shower. Mission completed.

    3. yeah...

    4. I love that!

    6. LMAO Now THAT was hilarious. I may have watched that more times than I should have.

    8. Feel ya on that one. I do it too.

    9. Commentary expected!

  2. I cannot get over the dummies in #3. Oh, my gosh. I would love to see what kind of score she got on her essay.

    I hope your Hooters is better than ours. I am not a fan of their food all that much and the Hooters Girls in our town don't have Hooters.

  3. 1. Hooters is blech at best. The food is so-so. from what I remember fries are extra. (always a lose in my book!)
    2. small goals are still goals!! my goal today was to get dressed....not there yet! lol
    3. I....just can't believe that. wow. but kudos to your man for the "help" haha!! I HATE when people try and type all cutesy or ghetto or whatever. They sounds sooo stupid!
    4. Yay for international buddies! one day when I'm off we must have a chat session!
    5. had a friend that did ufc....could never quite get into it!
    6.That was the funniest thing I have seen in DAYS!! Maybe i'm mean but thats HILARIOUS!!
    7. I really need to watch game of thrones...I'm doing what you did with hunger games and semi boycotting it. must get over myself and watch it!
    8. no judgement here! hide your creamer good though! lol
    9. the movie isnt as good as the book (is it ever?) but I still thought it was super good! If i had seen it and never read the book i would have liked it on its own!
    10. Man old people can get down!! one of the advantages to retirement?

  4. HOOOOOOOOOOOOTERS! I lived near the ORIGINAL one in Clearwater, FL. ;) Anyway - the wings are just okay but for some reason... their cheese sauce with the curly fries is amazing. Paired with some beer and some wings and I've never had a bad time there. ;D

  5. 1) i have never been to hooters either. but can't say i'm too eager to pay a visit. :)
    2) yes, i do this too!
    3) oh my...
    6) hahhaaaa poor little guy!
    7) i keep hearing good things... do i need to get on this?
    8) totally the way to live.
    9) can't wait to hear what you think of it!
    10) whoa! that was slightly disturbing to watch yet oddly fascinating.

  6. People don't go to Hooters for the food...at least from what I experienced. Then again I got the nachos. They were nasty. And it's not easy to mess up nachos. I should have had the wings.

  7. I've never been to hooters either, but I really want to go because I heard their chicken wings are really good.

  8. Grrr...play nice with the creamer! I had my name all over mine and someone used it all and put the empty container back in the lounge fridge. I still secretly hate every teacher I see drinking coffee because it could be them.
    I went to Hooters in high school...their food was okay. I went with stupid high school boys who just kept laughing and 16 year old me had to be the mature one.
    Oh, and my husband told me I HAVE to watch Game of Thrones. Is it on Netflix???

  9. Ha I had a girl friend who wanted to go to Hooters for her 21st bday as a ladies night activity. Of course it was the night I wore corduroy pants with tennis shoes and had a terrible pony tail. Yeah. Well, I out-hooped the hoots in a hula hooping contest and ate a burger called "more than a mouthful."
    We went back another night...with dudes...and ate the wings. They are spicy.
    No big deal.

  10. HA! I love those Facebook fails...they are too funny.

  11. Never been to Hooters, what?!Nothing is better than a big plate of wing and pitcher of beer :) Me and Rich used to every few months, but we haven't been in a loooong time. (Brax likes to go and check out the boobs, it's a toddlers paradise, lmao) We literally have one across the street!