Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ten On Tuesday

1. Sometimes I wish I wasn't so stubborn because then I wouldn't have held out in reading The Hunger Games so long. You all told me it was amazing & rolled my eyes at you. I judged. And now I know  you weren't full of shit as I haven't been able to put the damn thing down.

2. The MIL is coming over this afternoon to cook us dinner before I get home from work. Sometimes I really adore that little lady.

3. We're living the dream ladies. Living. the. dream.

4. Remember when I was excited about being asked to be a bridesmaid in my cousins summer wedding? Well, I'm less excited now. Turns out you have to pay the full price of the pretty expensive dress in order for the store to order it. The shittiest part is that it wont even come in for over 2 months so if you fatten up or lose some poundage you're fucked. Well, unless of course you want to pay alterations an $80 rush fee, then you're just dandy. But broke.

5. Summer is right around the corner & even though I dread the thought of the summer hear & my electric bill because of the damn a/c that'll be on 24/7, I can't wait cause my favorite pot smoking dog will be back.

6. Joining Instagram (linnysvault) was totally anticlimactic. *sigh* The things I do stay hip.

7. I hate to admit this because I know she's HUGE in the blogger world but I think I may one of the very few people not counting down the days to The Bloggess' book. I've read her posts & some are funny but it just doesn't call to me. Scary Mommy's book however...I want.

8. Can't wait to see this!

9. Holy shit, I just realized I haven't picked a winner for the Hamburger Helper giveaway. Guess there's no better time than the present...congratulations Krystal! Looks like that baby in your belly is gonna be enjoying some delicious food soon :)

10. Remember this post about my stupid job not letting us wear blue jean to work but colored jean are totally acceptable? Well, a writer from the HuffPost saw & it decided to ask me what I thought about the now popular pants. You can probably guess what I said but it's here if you want to read it.

* * * * * * * * * * *

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  1. I want to see that movie too!!
    In the trailers they've been showing that I've seen, at the end when the little girl shoots her in the leg with the arrow she says "I'm Katniss!" and I totally get it now. :)

  2. 1. I'm the same...I just kept on thinking...sure, that book is awesome & everyone keeps on talking about it...yadda yadda yadda...now I can't put it down.

    2. Lucky girl.

    3. LOL...no comment.

    4. Loathe dress shopping like that...I mean come on! Can't they make those dresses with velcro or something?

    5.I hear ya...stupid heat.

    6. Now Facebook gets to ruin it.

    7. I need to check her out...I mean her blog that is :)

    8. LOL totally want to see this.

    10. Look are you fancy Ms. Fancy Pants! I know her!!!

  3. 1. Told ya!

    2. Does she have time to make a side trip here?

    3. Hey! I enjoy plodding housewivery, or whatever.

    4. Ouch! Have you looked at some of the discount bridal sites. They carry the current trends without breaking the bank and you can always find someone local to alter it for you if necessary. Maybe. Boo for expensive crap.

    5. Admittedly, I've never watched that.

    6. Ditto. And then my phone started crashing and I had to wait for a replacement before I could start re-downloading all my apps again.

    7. Yup.

    8. Me too! Let's go see it together. We can meet in Arizona!

    9. Yay Krystal!

    10. You're famous! PS: I think it's the dumbest trend ever, but will probably change my mind when I can fit in a pair without looking like a giant banana.

  4. oh hunger games...isn't it fantastic?? I waited but not by choice...couldnt find the damn books in ireland. Bought the first one when i was home in the states and then went on a feverish search for the other two. lets just say i read them all in 3 days. and got no sleep lol!
    I wish my MIL would come cook for us...shes an awesome cook!!
    oooofff bridesmaid dresses...had something similar happen. It was a size too small when it came in. (corset top as well ugh) no eating for 2 weeks and it fit. stupid weddings lol!
    I love both the bloggess and scarey mommy...i think scarey mommys book will be funnier (even though im not a mom!)but im really intrigued by what the bloggess has to say.
    oh hamburger helper....i was describing its gloriousness to some irish friends the other day....yum!
    DUDE!! your famous!! you need to frame that!! how awesome! (and I dont think i could pull off colored jeans either....jeans were meant to be demin blue. nuff said!

  5. love reading your ten every week!!

    1. i just finished reading the series for the 2nd time and i still couldn't put the books down!

    3. hehe...

    4. for my wedding, we chose our dresses from a "regular" store but they were still $100. i paid for them though because i think that is the custom for chinese peeps.

    6. i use instagram on occasion but i never really got into it.

    7. i love the bloggess but not sure i will be buying the book... maybe...

    8. oooh that movie looks really cute!

    10. i sooo miss wearing blue jeans to work. we don't have casual day at my office. :(

  6. I like winning. WHEEEEEEEE! Thanks chica!!

  7. First off...I don't know why, but your new posts NEVER show up in my feed. Its so ridiculous. So I unfollowed you, and then followed you again. Hopefully that resolves the problem.

    Moving on...

    I can't WAIT until Five Year Engagement comes out...it looks SO good.

  8. #9 = awesome.
    PS you're more hip than I am...


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