Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ten On Tuesday

1. I need new clothes. Everything in my drawers & closet seems completely "blah" & unappealing to put on. The lame thing is that if I went shopping today I'd probably end up buying things that resemble those very same "blah" items; blue jeans, dark blue jeans, more jeans that create a muffin top, and a few blouses that make my arms look fat.

2. Happiness is knowing that the swap you decided to put together in a spur of the moment was not a total fucking flop. Also, having 30 participants didn't hurt either. FYI: all the participants will be featured in tomorrows post :)

3. True. Also, they're scary as hell.

4. Wrath of the Titans had so much potential. If you're thinking about seeing it in theaters I say you wait to rent it, you'll thank me for saving you the money.

5. There are days when you would just about promise anything for a big ass cup of Starbucks coffee. Today is that day for me.

6. I may be a little more excited about this than I should be. Can't wait to see it on Friday!

7. Finally watched the season premiere of The Killing last night & have to give those writers major props for stretching a story line this long & not very thin (yet). I can't wait to find out who the real killer is though. Also, I sort of have a weird junkie crush going on with the dude Detective, Holder.

8. Exactly...

9. One day I will get the balls to go into a wedding dress shop, pretend I'm newly engaged & try on dozens of wedding dresses just for fun.

10. We finally have the weekend to ourselves since the MIL is working. That means no traveling to senior paradise (aka: Palm Dessert), sleeping on an air mattress or living out of a backpack for 3 days...*sigh* the possibilities are endless. Of course if you know anything about me this simply means I'll most likely be spending most my time in bed being a bum & only getting up for food. I'm excited.

* * * * * * * * *

You know the dillio...list your own 10 on Tuesday & link up here so we can all check you out!



  1. 1. I feel ya on the clothes. If only I had a personal shopper.

    3. I HATE clowns. I blame Poltergeist. Scary shit

    Ok so The Hubs & I are agreeing to disagree. I totally want to seenAmerican Reunion and he calls me lame. The fact that you want to see it tells me that we would be friends :)

  2. Clowns freak me out too. I blame the book/movie IT!

    Have a great weekend :)

  3. I know all about the clothes...I did a closet purge this weekend and I am so blah about all of my clothes...yet I cant part with so many of them!
    I'm pumped about the swap! now to stalk my swapee....
    Man starbucks....I would do some TERRIBLE things for an iced chai lattee right about now....despite it being like 35 degrees outside. (stupid ireland)
    Yay for weekends at home!! Its so nice to be able to veg out when you have been on the go for the past couple of weekends!! enjoy reuniting yourself with your bed!! :)

  4. I ALWAYS feel like I need new clothes..it's really becoming a problem. And NOW, I try to tell myself that I have an excuse...hello honeymoon???

    #8 is the reason why I get so annoyed with certain bloggers....I honestly feel like half of them make their posts up! It's so annoying.

  5. 5) i had one of those days today. i bought a booster juice this morning and tried to put my straw in the "B" on the lid. the guy behind the counter had to show me where to put the straw.

  6. I want to see that movie too!

  7. The first season of the killing just became available on watch instantly. Now I have to check it out for sure!

    Also, I am pretty sure that there are certain days I would whore myself out for a big cup of starbucks coffee.

  8. I need new clothes too! I am glad that I am going to be in Cali because that is where I am going to do all my shopping - in stores that we don't have in Canada!


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