Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Marky Mark Still Makes The Ladies Swoon

I was only 8 years old when I first laid my prepubescent eyes on those amazing abs of his. Even then I knew it was love at first (ab) sight.

Dude not only had the face of a hottie, the body of greek god statue but also rapped his little 90's heart out with his funky bunch...

Then he showed the world he was more than just something to gawk & drool at, he could act his little heart out too.

And well.

"Marky Mark" is now a thing of the past as Mark has put on his big boy pants.

Lucky for us he didn't leave his good looks or hot abs in the past with his not-so-awesome rapping career. Home slice is now married to a hot piece, has like 4 kids, acts, directs, opens family restaurants with his not so famous brothers, Paul & Donnie (remember him? he was in Saw. i think).

But most importantly, he still has good manners & that's what still makes the ladies swoon.

Yes, he's actually helping a nun cross the damn street. Could he get any cuter? Hell no.

(Don't feel the need to own up to it, I already know you're totally swooning in your chair.)



  1. i wasn't a fan when he was marky mark. BUT, he is total hotness, i love him like he's my husband. he's also hot in the movie "shooter". i do wanna see contraband.

  2. Remember when he opens the door in the movie Date Night, and he's shirtless! I actually gasped out loud!...and I was in my early 20s when he was Markie Mark...sigh...

  3. My favorite movie of his is Shooter. Oh man...SUCH A GOOD MOVIE.

    I love this guy...and he's definitely nice to look at ;)


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