Monday, April 9, 2012

I Got Off My Ass & Did Things This Weekend...Really

This was the first weekend I was able to spend at home & not have to go over to the MIL. I was positive it was going to be full of brain cell killing reality TV, me wondering around in 2 day old pajamas and eating nothing but gummy bears.

I'm proud to say none of that happened.

Ok, that's a lie, there a bit of gummy bear eating.

  • Movie date: Rusty took me to see American Reunion on Friday & it was SO good. I loved it! It wasn't full of raunchy jokes or too many boob shots, it was, I'm happy to say, as good as the first one. The fact that the entire original cast came back for the film made it so much better and I really liked that they had them dealing with adult issues (marriage, kids, dating, hating your job)...all which is definitely relate able. If you haven't seen, you should. Really.

  • Swap shopping: I have all but 1-2 items left to get for for Em's swap package. I'm super excited to see some of her favorite items. We've been blog friends for a while but it still makes me nervous to think she won't like some of the stuff I send her. I guess if anything, she can give it away to someone else, right? I'm definitely not against re-gifting.
  • Cleaning up: I'm so ashamed to admit this but I hadn't really cleaned my bedroom & bathroom in like...a very very long time. What can I say, it sucks to leave home at 4:45am & not get back until 6:30pm, Monday - Thursday. Rusty & I took advantage of not having any plans on Easter & cleaned both our bedroom & bathroom. Let me just say that stepping into a bleach soaked/scrubbed shower is so much nicer than a dirty one. Much nicer.

What did you do this weekend?



  1. mmm gummy bears...I had some haribo ones this weekend and it was either the alcohol talking or the lack of dinner but they were the best things I have EVER EATEN. ahhh I hate doing certain chores (like hanging up laundry or vaccumming but I always love the end result. why can't things just stay clean!! and seriously leaving the house every morning at 4:45....I would just stab myself in the eye. couldn't do it. nope. I'm doing my swap shopping on wednesday!! I hope she likes what I get her....lol!

  2. Ah, I want to see American Reunion SO bad. I'm glad it was good!! =)

  3. i almost choked when i saw the gummy bear choking post cause i couldn't help laughing. i love those little suckers!! i only like the Haribo brand (discrimination much? LOL). saturday and sunday was amazing, mostly due to the weather, but the frickin easter bunny brought me germs! GGAAAAHHH i am done with my swap shopping, so i will mail it this saturday :)

  4. Sounds like you had a good weekend. I love gummy bears and now, thanks to your post, I really want some.


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