Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Blogger Love Is Awesome & So Are These Gals...

I played it super cool & know you guys had no clue but I gotta come out & say it out loud: I was 'shit your pants' nervous about this "Favorite Things" swap being a complete & utter flop, y'all.

I know, how could someone who plays it so cool all the time be so nervous? Well, what can I say, I'm a big phony because I totally have 'fat kid picked last syndrome'. And yes, I was sometimes picked last because I really really suck at physical activities.

But in the end all that worry was for nothing because more than 29, yes 29, gals signed up & many of them blogged about it, got the word out & promoted the shit out of it...now that's what I call blogger love & support.

This type of support is what draws me to write & express myself on this tiny piece of internet I call mine. Knowing you're not the only one who likes to buy a bunch of your favorite crap & then ship them off to a total stranger, that's sheer awesomeness.

So today I'd like to introduce you the ladies that didn't let my swap & I be the laughing-stock of the blogger world. If you have a couple free minutes please visit some of them (or all if you have a lot of free time), I promise they're all super cool.

"Fave Things" swap participants (partnered up):

Meghan @ ShineOn --- Sarah @ FromTheDesk
Keltie @ KeltieNeville --- Leslie @ PetitePearStyle
Ms. Attitude @ Ms. Attitude --- Heather @XOHeathr
Kasey @ Life&Love --- Meghan @ MoreFromMeg
Connie @ AllAboutConnie --- Luckie @ CranberryPortage
Tillie @ ANuttierLife --- Rachael @ ExpatInEire
Sheri Ann @ SprinklesAndStyle --- Kristin @ KristinsKnook
Trish @ EverydayTrish --- Jen @ Jenbe
Tessica @ IFlyLikeABird --- Roxanne @OnTheRox
Em @ Mpirical --- ME

Smile, the week's almost over!



  1. I AM SO EXCITED TO PARTICIPATE YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW! Thank you for hosting this!

  2. yay!! This is my very first swap and as a bonus, I just found a bunch of great new blogs to follow! Thanks for setting this up!

  3. Aw, you're so sweet. THANK YOU to you for hosting! :)

  4. I'm so looking forward to sending my package out:)

  5. very excited! thanks again for hosting!! :)

  6. I cannot WAIT!! Love love love!

    Keep Shining,

  7. Have fun! I can't do these anymore because I always get ripped off :(

  8. Thanks for putting this swap together. I knew you could do it! Also thanks for the plug on your blog.


  9. Really like your blog!
    A wonderful post!

    Have you got an account in instagram?
    If yes, write me your name!

  10. gahhh! just found your blog, but wish i would've found you sooner. such a fun swap!!

  11. I'm super excited! I can't wait to put a package together for Jen. And see what I get in return, too :)


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