Monday, April 23, 2012

Adam Cohen 'Like A Man' Album Review

"Each song resembles a love poem"

That was my first thought after hearing Adam Cohen's newest album, Like a Man.

This album's full of heartfelt lyrics which balance out with wonderful acoustic music and give you an instant relaxed feeling.

The Canadian singer-songwriters calming vocals pair wonderfully with the simple melodies of each song however, I found many of the tracks to sound a little too similar to one another. Hence, making listening to the entire 10 tracks somewhat mundane.

Don't get me wrong, Like a Man is an pretty enjoyable album. It definitely makes for great background music as it has a very lulling sense of calm and tranquility. Would I put it on during a party? Probably not but definitely if I was sipping some wine & relaxing at home.

Like a Man is Cohen's third album and has received rapturous reviews in Europe and Canada. The album is now on sale and according to his website, he'll performing in honor of his father, Leonard Cohen, at the Glenn Gould Prize Gala Concert on May 14 at Toronto's Massey Hall.

Like a Man album tracks:

1. Out of Bed
2. Matchbox
3. Like a Man
4. Sweet Dominique
5. What Other Guy
6. Girls These Days
7. Lie Alone
8. Overrated
9. Beautiful
10. Stranger

Like a Man by Adam Cohen can be purchased here
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