Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ten On Tuesday

1. The bottom part of my left eye won't stop randomly twitching. It's been at it for a about 2 weeks now & I'm at the point where I'm considering an eye patch.

2. Breakfast. It never sounds good when I'm at home but as soon as I get to work it's all my stomach can growl about. I'm SO hungry right now!

3. A friend of mine invited me to the opening of a Nordstrom Rack last week. When we got there they gave us awesome bloggers a gift card to shop with, I know totally awesome, and I bought all sorts of cool new clothes except I haven't worn any of it yet cause I don't want to mess it up. Yep, I'm that person.

4. Oh karma how I adore you're sense of humor...

5. The has-been-80's star Kirk Cameron doesn't care for gays & thinks it's unnatural? Well, so do a bunch of other people so let's not give this ass head's hatred any more attention than it already has. Move on & be better than he is. That is all.

6. Well she could have fooled me.

7. I'm not going to deny it, I'm one of those people that make fun of Texans (sorry BFG, I still love you!). But, after watching GCB, I really want to move there so I can get an accent and wear cowboy boots without being asked why. I mean, does one really need a reason?

8. Rusty & I are taking the MIL to Universal Studios on Saturday & I'm really hoping (begging) that the universe allows it to be one of those overcast kinda cold days cause me + crowds + hot weather = one cranky annoyed no fun Lin.

9. How the hell is it impossible for me to wear cute sandals to work but my chubby slut of a co-worker can wear these slut-tastic things?

10. Dear Summertime, don't come by with your high temperatures yet. I beg you. I'm not ready to feel my pits sweat as I sit reading or have to have the a/c on 18 hrs out of the 24 hr day. All I'm asking for is a few more months...if you want, you can take this year off. Yay for vacations! Think about it. Thanks.

* * * * * * * * * * *

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  1. 1. You should probably see someone about that. You might have like, eye herpes, or something.

    2. Breakfast rocks! I love breakfast!

    3. Sweet! I'm kinda jealous. We don't have one, so if I want to go, I have to drive to Fort Worth and make my mom buy me stuff. Wait. How is that a bad plan?

    4. Ahahahahaha!

    5. Meh.

    6. Classic.

    7. You can make fun of Texans all you want, but seriously, there's a reason a bajillionty people move here every year. And it ain't just for the cowboy boots (which, sadly, is true about most of us). We don't like paying a million dollars for a two square foot condo.

    8. Ditto!

    9. Damn. They make boots that fit those calves?

    10. Amen.

  2. 1. No way. Another blogger friend has the SAME thing going on right now. Maybe its the blogs causing it? hehe.
    2. Im not a breakfast eater... but it NEVER fails to make me hungry before lunch time.
    3. I seen pictures on instagram from that even. All I can say is JEALOUS.
    4. Bwhahahahaah!! That is AWESOME. Just awesome.
    5. Sigh. He frustrates me beyond words. When I saw this I went on a rant on twitter- which of course ended up in someone attacking me on twitter. People are just nuts.
    6. Theres always that girl.
    7. haha!
    8. Lordy- Universal Studios in general is stressful for me. Add in laws and you can forget it.
    9. Hahaha! First I love that you took a photo of it. Second what the hell- thats not work attire.
    10. Im with you. The weather here is nuts, one minute tornados the next snow- it makes no sense. Summer is going to be brutal this year.

  3. 1. What has your eye been up to?! Stress and Caffeine do the twitch for me...and sadly I can't go without either.

    2. same here.

    5. Kirk Cameron...ugh. I think his campaign didn't turn out like he thought it would.

    7. Um, Texas kicks ass my dear. (ahem)

    9. Wow...when I need a good pick me up, I'll come back to this picture.

  4. WHAT is this GCB show you are referring to?! How did I miss this?! Did it already start?! EEEEEKKKK! :o(

  5. You make fun of Texans?! :( Oh how mean you are to my people! *lol* Ok, i tend to make fun of us too. I haven't seen the show y et, but I do have it DVR'd - guess I need to get on the ball.


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